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We are Apadmi, the UK's leading app developer, winner of Large Digital Agency of the Year, App Developer of the Year and a Top 10 Global App Developer as listed by Washington DC IT research firm, Clutch.

Apadmi create extraordinary mobile experiences for many of the world’s most renowned businesses. Experts in server and infrastructure development, they can also assist with creative work in the realm of marketing and brand. With a 60 strong team they are committed to delivering bespoke services to clients interested in strengthening their mobile strategy, brand advocacy and app engagement.



37-39 Oxford Street

Ok, so we are a digital agency. 

Although, we really like to think of ourselves as an ideas agency providing digital solutions. 

If you're asking us to be specific, then we make web sites, web apps, virals and mobile apps. But the technology isn't as important as making our clients smile; and what makes our clients happy isn't the technology we use, but the results we help produce. 

Take a look around to find out more about our services and check out some of our recent and upcoming campaigns. But you'll need to speak with one of our team to find out how we can make you happy too. 

We are Tokyo.


Digital Marketing / Strategy, Mobile Apps (iPhone/Android), Web-Apps, Facebook Integration, Campaign Management, Social Media, Responsive Websites, HTML5

0844 800 7137
Keele Science and Business Park
Stoke on Trent

Koko are one of the UK’s leading specialists in the production and distribution of viral advergames. Our advergames rank amongst some of the world's most successful with previous campaigns boasting over 10 million unique viral hits in less than 12 weeks.

Koko are one of the UK’s leading specialists in the production and distribution of viral advergames. Fusing advertising and entertainment, our in house service covers all stages of a campaign, from concept to design, to global distribution.

Koko advergames rank amongst some of the world's most successful, allowing millions of users access to a brand, product, or service. Previous campaigns boast over 10 million unique viral hits in less than 12 weeks. Our clients include McDonalds, Vimto, Adidas, Microsoft, BBC, Sony Music, Cancer Research UK, Red Bull & Confused.com

Our team is made up from award winning designers, programmers, and game artists and we’re proud to have picked up numerous awards along the way including:

  • 2011 CIMTIG Travel Marketing Award for Best Viral Communication
  • 2011 Fresh Awards for Viral Marketing
  • 2011 IMA (Interactive Media Award) Best in Class: Not for Profit
  • 4x 2010 Roses Design Awards for Best Online Promotion & Best Online Game
  • 2009 BIMA Award (British Interactive Media Association) for Viral Spread
  • 2009 Roses Design Awards for Best Online Promotion
  • 2009 Roses Design Awards for Best Online Game


For more information about our services visit our corporate site (www.kokodigital.co.uk ) or call us on 0844 800 7137.

Office 13, GIBC
Mulgrave Terrace

Gospelware is the North East's leading dedicated mobile application developer who create apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. We work closely with clients and agencies to deliver bespoke application development on multiple platforms.


  • app design and development 
  • app consultancy 
  • user interface design 
  • user experience design 
  • mobile marketing consultancy
0161 408 4702
3rd Floor, George St House
George St
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We’re a growing digital product development company, crafting multiplatform goodness for sports and entertainment brands. We use big data, game mechanics and responsive design to connect with and engage new audiences.

We work for a range of clients, both household names and emerging startups, to create business products that change the way they work. We're not just a web agency, we work with companies to identify how we can improve the way they work, and translate that into successful digital products. We work across mobile, social and web platforms to ensure we're always using the right tool for the job.

0161 228 7795
Unit 1.21 Waulk Mill
51 Bengal Street
M4 6LN

At Ubiquitous we have a passion for blending ideas, design and technology to create advertising that consumers engage with. We work with clients as diverse as Kiddicare.com and Bentley Motors.

At Ubiquitous we have a passion for blending ideas, design and technology to create advertising that consumers engage with. We work with clients as diverse as Kiddicare.com and Bentley Motors.

0161 819 5847
Basil Chambers
65 High Street
M4 1FS

This is BLISS

A friendly digital agency that's a pleasure to work with.

We're approachable, transparent and relentlessly passionate about what we do.Our creative and technical experts create beautiful web sites, build innovative mobile applications and craft ingenious marketing campaigns that routinely surpass our clients' expectations and deliver excellent results.

0844 8709219
120 Bark Street

We specialise in creative, effective design, consultancy and marketing solutions for the mobile platform, from site design and optimisation to application development.


We know mobile, that’s what. By 2014, there will be more users browsing the web from a mobile device than from desktops and laptop computers. Already, 1 in 5 of your website users is likely to be browsing from a mobile device. We design, develop and deliver mobile solutions across all of the major platforms. We don’t just ‘build’ apps. We work right from conceptualisation and analysis through to user experience design, development and launch. Here at Mobiomic we offer the following mobile solutions: iPhone, Android and iPad appsWhether your need is for the iPhone, iPad or Android platform, our apps are carefully developed to capitalize on the unique and focused needs of each of our individual clients, creating a handset presence that will not only complement your traditional business model, but also etch out new revenue streams, additional audience, and supplement your brand recognition. Web applicationsWeb applications, or “web apps”, combine the power of the Internet with the simplicity of your smartphone’s touchscreen interface. Designed to mimic the user experience of your individual phone, a web app is written in standard web languages and housed on a server alongside your normal website therefore allowing you all the benefits of an mobile specific solution in a cross-plaform format. Website designIf you are re-vamping your existing desktop site right now, you’d be mad to neglect mobiles, right? Yet so many people do, or attempt to bolt-on a solution at the end. At Mobiomic we’ll look into what users will be looking for from your site across all touchpoints and propose a solution that’s bang on brief and right on budget.  Our expertise in mobile means we can make your website accessible to users browsing not only on desktops, but on tablet devices and mobile phones as well. Mobile marketingYou wouldn’t print a brochure and then leave it sitting in a cupboard would you? So don’t make the same mistake with your new app or mobile website. Get it out there and tell the world! We can even help you with that as well, you know.

111 Piccadilly
M1 2HY

Multiscreen Digital Marketing Since 2008

We produce effective digital assets, drive traffic to those assets and influence that traffic to convert. We do this across all of the screens that our clients' customers are using to engage with brands, research purchases and make those purchases. Mobile has been at the centre of our design, development, SEO, content marketing and conversion rate optimisation services since 2008, making Tecmark the most established multi screen specialist agency in Manchester. We can't remember the last time we launched a website that WASN'T responsive!  We work with businesses in the UK and further afield on strategies and solutions designed to increase brand visbility and generate revenue.

0800 043 8889
Gainsborough House
109 Portland Street
M1 6DN

IT Training - Creative IT and Digital Media Training. Authoriosed adobe, apple and Autodesk Training. 


Want to become a better graphic designer, web developer, computer game developer, video editor, 3D specialist or CAD expert? Academy Class digital media training courses offer a fast and fun way to knit your natural talents with the latest technologies to improve your knowledge and skills. 

Learn the basics, delve more deeply into advanced learning or access unlimited learning all year long! 


The choice is yours, but the time is now. Why? Because success in our digital age rests on marketability, that elusive “secret” quality which makes employers want to hire you, or makes customers want to buy from you. The “secret” is simple: to be truly marketable, you must invest in yourself first. At Academy Class, you will learn hot new skills and technologies at one of six convenient UK training facilities in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Cardiff and Birmingham or at your own location. Experienced Academy Class instructors eagerly nurture your creativity, and small class sizes ensure you’ll gain the confidence and credibility needed to outshine the competition well into your successful future. Best of all, Academy Class courses are fun, flexible, and affordable. And on top of that, we are the only UK training partner authorised by Adobe, Apple, Autodesk and Quark.


8 Benefits of Academy Class Digital Media Training

  • looks terrific on your resume
  • increases your career opportunities 
  • enhances your potential, in business and in life
  • makes you a more attractive employee or job candidate
  • provides targeted knowledge to help you compete in the business world
  • sharpens your natural talents
  • helps you reach goals: a more satisfying lifestyle, a more meaningful career, a higher income

Wild Industry Growth Spurs Increase in Academy Class Courses. Did you know…

  • Texting among UK consumers sends has doubled in four years?  More than 150 billion text messages were sent in 2011. 
  • UK residents, especially young adults, spend about 90 minutes weekly on social networking sites, e-mail, and mobile devices and…making fewer actual phone calls?
  • 37% of UK adults now watch TV via the Internet?
  • (Source: Ofcom Communications Market Report 2012) 

Yes, while traditional forms of communications continue to decline in popularity, more people tune in via digital devices, doubling, tripling, even quadrupling Internet usage. This is the sound of opportunity for creatives like yourself. But you must get the right training to get that sound jingling in your own pocket.

Get it at Academy Class…Where technology meets creativity, in a fun and inspiring environment you’ll want to return to again and again.