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31 Wilmslow Rd

Manchester Staff Ltd is a local recruitment service that offers a lower cost pricing solution with recruitment fees far lower than the industry average. We cover a broad range of office based sectors from administration & secretarial, sales & marketing, retail & customer service, hospitality & catering and payroll & HR.

We also offer a FREE apprenticeship consultancy service for businesses in Greater Manchester.


Why pay 15% of the annual salary? With recruitment fees far lower than the industry average and FREE apprenticeship consultancy, we offer incredible value for money. We could save your business significant amounts of time and money, especially as we pay for all the adverts with no risk or cost to your business. You only pay if we fill your role. We also offer a generous 84 day rebate period to reduce your risk even further.


Our marketing efforts are focused solely around the Greater Manchester area so we only find relevant, local candidates. Using demographically targeted marketing we reach the most relevant candidates for your role, ensuring that we get the right people in the right area. Our aim is to create the largest digital talent pool in the Manchester area making us the go-to place for Manchester based talent.


We don’t just place job adverts like some low cost ‘recruiters’, we offer the full package. We advertise on multiple premium job boards, a variety of free job boards, career search engines and social media. By casting our net across multiple digital channels we are able to reach tens of thousands of Manchester job seekers. We hand pick the best CVs, interview candidates to pre-qualify, and arrange formal interviews.


0161 661 4404
Marble Street
M2 3AW

Burns Sheehan is a leading tech recruitment agency based in Manchester and London. Our job is to listen to your needs, connect you with the right people and the right opportunities, and make the world a better place, one placement at a time. Our recruiters have a passion for connecting people with life-changing career opportunities. Seriously, it’s our bread and butter. We also happen to be lovely people to work with who are deeply imbedded in the tech community. So if you’re thinking about your next move take a peek at our current vacancies and get in touch! For us, recruitment isn’t a conveyor belt of roles and CVs; every professional we work with is as important and as distinctive as the next. We get that your time is precious, so we operate on a strictly quality over quantity basis, offering a tailored service to meet every person’s needs. We’re good at listening, finding people and delivering. That’s why most of our growth and success has built on long-standing relationships, referrals and recommendations.

0161 238 8110
17 Redhill Street
Unit 3, Royal Mills
M4 5BA



Jupiter is a boutique full service recruitment communications agency.

We're extremely good at making people want to work with you.




Jupiter has been one of the UK’s leading communications businesses for nearly 25 years. We have worked with many major organisations helping them to successfully attract, recruit and have ongoing internal dialogue with their employees.

We offer the research capability, EVP development, creativity and measurability to help you articulate, shape, communicate and evaluate your employee experience. We help ensure that every employee can identify with your company values, vision and mission- through your message, tone of voice and visual presence. We tailor this approach to suit every client; there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with Jupiter.

Pioneers of ‘the candidate journey’ it was Jupiter that became the first and still one of the only communications agencies to gather together our service offering and re-define our services into a clear and cohesive support path. This allows our clients to benefit from clear internal and external branding and messages at every stage of the communications process - from employer branding through to onboarding and ongoing employee engagement. It has re-defined our own recruitment process, allowing us to recruit and retain some of the most talented individuals in their respective fields.

We quickly and efficiently get on with getting things done - we always meet your deadlines and deliver work that’s on time and on budget. We’re innovators across all comms platforms and like to leave a big impression.


01625 402118
Alderley Road

Bespoke HR and Recruitment solutions tailored to the size, budget and ambitions of businesses within the digital creative sectors. Whatever stage your business is currently at; and wherever it needs to go; your people within it are the key ingredients. 

A blended to suit your business, HR and recruitment mix that is a real partner solution. Makes sense if you think about it. 

Take the traditional HR consultant or Recruitment Agency models and turn them on their head, spin them round and forget what you already know. We have successfully worked with growing and established businesses to save their employee pain, proactively risk manage and protect them from whopping great recruitment fees. How do we do it?

Simple. We listen and focus on your business needs for both now and in the future. Work within your budgets and be sat on-site when you need us, or off-site when you need us to not be. Our offices are also great escapes for those confidential meetings you don't want to have; and although most of our time is spent in Central Manchester, Media City or the Sharp Projects, Wilmslow is a great base.

Engaging with your employees, we are real people (less jargon) We are sat in your office/studio on a regular basis and/or available by phone/email as you need. We are implementing your handbooks, improving HR process or simply hand holding through the more sticky situations.

Our CIPD fully qualified HR experts will ensure you are looked after and yes, it is the same person for your business - none of this dealing with 10 different people!. They, combined with our backoffice recruitment function, will look after your current team and supply you with new employees. The cherry on top of the icing is that - compared to agency fees of 10-15% - we will save you enough money to take the growth leaps you really need. Or to spend on team incentives.

One last thing - as I know you are thinking what is their typical client?- not one of our clients is the same. Some like us to manage their HR and assess recruits applying psychometrics, others have us running a full HR function and recruiting ad-hoc, others simply like us to pop in once a month to ensure that all the essentials are in place and disaster is prevented. 

Long retention of employees is obviously what we aim for. Forget what you know about recruitment and think about it from our point of view. We don't want to be watching employees walk away when we have sourced them, inducted them, appraised them with you and put their progression plans into your business.

Real HR, without fluff. Expert recruitment, without pain.

0161 447 92 17
21 Broad Street

Kloodle is an interactive social network for graduate recruitment, revolutionising the way that graduate recruitment is undertaken. 

Kloodle facilitates and supports a dynamic graduate recruitment process for students and graduate employers. It does this by:

  • Creating online communities between Students, Employers and Universities throughout the duration of students’ studies
  • Giving students a platform from which they can build a dynamic, evolving Personal Profile throughout the duration of their studies, showcasing their academic achievements, experience and skills


Providing employers with a live facility which can be used to:

  • Interact with relevant students via blogs, adverts and posts throughout the duration of undergraduates’ studies
  • Search for specific candidates based on qualifications and skills and obtain relevant CVs and Personal Profiles
  • Undertake very targeted graduate recruitment advertising, direct to individual students’ Kloodle account.
  • Promote their graduate employer brands, throughout the duration of students’ degree studies, directly towards their ideal target demographic. 


Kloodle provides students with a platform from which they can market themselves to and develop relationships with a huge range of potential future employers. They do this by updating their Kloodle profile through which they can showcase their academic achievements, experience and skills. This is continuously evolving throughout the duration of each students’ studies.


Kloodle Personal Profiles are accessible to graduate employers who use the site to search for relevant graduate talent. Students can showcase additional skills, achievements and interests for example, involvement in sporting, musical, voluntary activities and more by creating material to market themselves to potential employers such as Blogs, Videos, Photographs, Example work documents and a video biography. Furthermore students can participate in online discussions and blogs with potential future employers proactively searching the wide range of graduate jobs advertised by graduate employers. Students can receive opportunity advertisements into their Kloodle accounts from employers who want to engage students with their specified degree qualifications and personal credentials.


Kloodle represents an online channel via which Universities are able to promote their brands to students and graduate employers; thus ensuring that brand profiles remain strong within a very competitive and increasingly globalised sector.


We do this by providing Universities with an additional online platform from which they may increase brand awareness by sharing news, details about events, new appointments, academic achievements and more. Kloodle also helps to support the student recruitment process for Universities looking to attract a high calibre undergraduate population by giving individual Faculties a platform from which they can market themselves, interact with other academics, share ideas, post blogs and promote their courses. Kloodle also increases the channels through which Universities can support their students to maximise their employment prospects, post graduation.



Kloodle is an interactive online platform, designed to provide graduate employers with a cost effective, dynamic method of recruiting high calibre graduate talent. Kloodle facilitates the creation of online communities and the building of relationships between students and organisations throughout the duration of students’ studies; resulting in an efficient, cost effective graduate Talent Acquisition pipeline for employers.


Kloodle does this by providing an online facility through which organisations can interact with relevant students via blogs, adverts and posts throughout the duration of under graduates’ studies. Employers can also search for specific candidates based on qualifications and skills and obtain relevant CVs and Personal Profiles. Kloodle allows you to also undertake very targeted graduate recruitment advertising, direct to individual students’ Kloodle accounts, based on degree courses. Finally we give employers the ability to promote their graduate employer brands, throughout the duration of students’ degree studies, directly towards their ideal target demographic.

0161 773 8455
11 Sulaw House
1 Chapel Street
M25 1AE

Alex James Digital - Digital, Marketing and IT Recruitment

0161 408 7131


Created in 2007 our vision is simple - to help organisations attract and retain great people. And it’s the way we do this that makes us different.

We work alongside businesses and HR teams to provide expertise, advice and inspiration. And we develop and deliver effective talent solutions that are not only based upon practical experience, but are reinforced by the latest academic thinking.

We believe that it’s never been so important to align talent management with business strategy and outcomes. So, we enable organisations to achieve this by focusing on these HR areas.


The alignment of business and talent strategy to identify the critical talent required to achieve successful business outcomes.


The development and delivery of strategies to attract critical talent using cost effective resourcing methods.


The engagement and retention of critical talent to ensure on-going business performance.

We can help you with one or all of these areas, delivering a variety of services and implementing tailored HR solutions to meet your specific needs.

01925 438 110
The Whitehouse, Wilderspool Park
Greenalls Avenue, Warrington


As a digital recruitment agency, we want to help fill your specialist digital roles , or if you are looking to find the next step in your career, find you the right opportunity.  At Antal, we to  like to do things differently to most recruitment agencies- honesty, integrity and down-to-earth advice are high on our agenda.

We are particularly proud that we have some of the biggest brands and most exciting entreprenurial companies in the UK to work with; brands and companies that keep coming back; brands and companies that understand not every potential employer or employee is the same and want nothing but the best.

Antal Digital are a specialist digital recruitment agency who identify the top talent in the digital market place for entreprenurial and corporate organisations across the UK and Europe. Antal Digital are part of Antal International , a global recruitment company with offices in 105 countries across the world.

0161 914 8499
10th Floor, Lowry House
17 Marble Street
M2 3AW

Forward Role is the North West's leading Marketing, Digital, Analytics and Creative Recruitment Consultancy.

Forward Role is the North West's leading Marketing, Digital, Analytics and Creative recruitment consultancy.

Based in the heart of Manchester city centre, we're passionate about providing our candidates and clients with a stress-free, consultative approach to recruitment. And because our consultants are industry served Marketers, we talk your language.

Whether you're looking for a new career challenge or you're an employer looking to recruit talented Marketing professionals, you'll find our honest, results-led service a real breath of fresh air.

We specialise in the following areas:

Marketing (Direct Marketing, Campaign Management, External and Internal Communications, PR, Advertising), Analytics (CRM & Database,Statistical Modelling & Insight, MI & Reporting, Campaign Selections) Digital (E-commerce, Conversion, UX, Customer Journey, Content, Development, Online Marketing, SEO, PPC, Display, Affiliates), Creative (Graphic Design, Web Design).

+44 161 833 1044
Suite 19
19b Quay Street
M3 3HN

Quite simply, The Candidate was formed due to market demand from both clients and candidates for a better quality of service. We believe that we can offer this by merging our recruitment and media backgrounds with both experience and talent.

What we do...

Without innovation, creativity and entrepreneurialism, the UK would be absent of the demand for such a specialised range of skilled media, marketing and sales candidates. Thankfully these elements are rife across our client base and through our extensive experience we can relate to the quality of candidate required to build secure businesses and departments within.
Whether it is managing growth, staff turnover or stability we can work to place the ideal candidate in your environment through a thorough brief and understanding of the requirements. We understand that the current economic recovery requires considered and decisive actions to maintain a healthy business and we will work with you on every level to provide candidates who can help achieve these critical objectives.
Our desire is to professionally represent and promote you to our candidate base. Each role's individual recruitment process is unique and influenced by multiple factors throughout. We simplify this for you, add value accordingly and ensure effective sourcing and candidate selection. The aim is a value driven proposition delivering quality results and repeat custom. 

How we do it...

With a unique blend of Recruitment and Media skills, the founders of this business believe in the “Law of the Vital Few” meaning that they will represent the top candidates in the field of their specialism.
By sensitively yet proactively representing candidates, we believe in our proven search and selection process to deliver those that are vital to each organisation at the right time.
Our vision is to increase the productivity of our client’s business through the introduction and retention of a quality and skilled employee base. This comes from the identification and presentation of the UK’s leading media, marketing and sales candidates.