• Developer Apprenticeship

Developer Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships have never been widely adopted by our industry and from the skills development work that Manchester Digital does, we understand the issues our members have faced. A lack of understanding about how digital businesses work (especially SMEs), poor training provision and bureaucracy are just some of the issues our members have raised but after encouragement by several of our members we have decided to bite the bullet and create our own. 

There isn't a short term solution to the skills shortage so as an industry we really do have to grow our own. The apprenticeship curriculum has been developed by our members with lots of developer input. It also has plenty of nice additional touches that we think set it apart from normal training provision. There will be a strong focus on soft skills, communications and commercial awareness as well as delivering high quality, technical bootcamps every 2 months. 

The Curriculum is looking very impressive and we are following a bootcamp model, all of which will be delivered by industry experts. We are delighted to have a really strong employer support programme in place, so if you haven't had an apprentice before please don't be put off; you will be supported.

There is a small cost involved but for SMEs there are government kickbacks which make that cost minimal or in some cases cost neutral. There will be course need to be an investment of your time in supporting the apprentice.  

This apprenticeship is run in partnership with The Skills Company

If you would like to take on an apprentice, or perhaps discuss this further, please don't hesitate to contact us

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