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Google Ads

This event has now ended.

Google Ads

For those employers/employees based in the Greater Manchester Combined Area postcode areas the training is fully funded.  For those outside of the GMCA then the training is £199 plus VAT

Learners will explore the fundamentals of the Google Ads platform and how to create campaigns for both the Search and Display networks. They will receive an extra coaching session 4 weeks after the classroom where the tutor can explore how they have implemented Google Ads into their business and provide support and guidance for further optimisation of their accounts.

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Learning Objectives

By the end of the programme, learners will be able to:
  • Explain sales and marketing fundamentals including the sales funnel, the buyer journey and micro moments
  • Utilise various tools within Google Ads to create more effective campaigns
  • Create a Google Ads campaign that effectively targets your audience
  • Optimise your Google Ads account using ad groups
  • Design adverts aimed at customers in different stages of your sales funnel


Pricing and Availability

On average, these courses cost £199 per day. However, with a recent scheme, we are able to offer these courses to anyone in the GMCA postcodes for absolutely free!

14 January 2022

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