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Accelerate growth as a digital-first brand

This event has now ended.

After two years spent leveraging digital technologies to implement solutions to short-term, pandemic-fuelled challenges, brands have reverted to looking at the longer term digital picture. But the landscape is different. Consumers’ digital maturity has accelerated, raising their expectations of brands; the gap between (some) digital natives and laggards has narrowed to create more competition, and the war on tech talent is fiercer than ever.

Old tactics won’t cut it to achieve commercial success in the new digital reality. Whether it’s about reducing costs, opening new revenue streams or creating new digital products, brands need a product development mindset to reach and exceed their goals.

This DEPT® TALKS is for leaders who want to up their digital game to accelerate growth. Brands including adidas, Nikon, London Marathon Events and Harwoods will share how they’re tackling challenges to achieve commercial success. 


01 How leading brands are catapulting commercial success with a product mindset
02 Challenges and opportunities of becoming a tech-driven business
03 Dos and don’ts of working with digital agencies in the new digital reality
04 How to break internal silos through digital collaboration and innovation

INTERVIEW / adidas’ journey to becoming a digital-first machine
With its ambitious ‘Own the Game’ growth strategy, €1 billion digital transformation and a true innovation mindset, adidas is (rightly) put on a pedestal when analysing the product development approach. We’ll discuss its impressive trajectory and journey to its current position.

DISCUSSION / The diversity of digital innovation adoption 

Nikon, London Marathon Events and Harwoods are each on a journey to put digital at the core of their business, but with a series of different drivers. From sporting events to buying cars and cameras online, they are embracing digital to lead the way in their industries, meet continually evolving customer demands and accelerate growth. We’ll discuss their diverse adoption and implementation of digital technology to thrive in the new landscape.

19 May 2022 15:30 - 17:00

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