Secure Payments, Happy Customers - Webinar

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20 September 2019 12:30

This webinar is for merchants exploring Strong Customer Authentication & the implications of the new PSD2 regulations

Online payment security is changing. A new EU legislation known as PSD2 comes into action on the 14th September 2019. The legislation tightens regulations and requirements in Europe around the handling of payments and card data. In the UK, it has been postponed for 18 months but still impacts merchants operating in Europe.

Merchants who have taken steps towards compliance will not be penalised by the FCA. But if you have not yet taken action you will begin to see an increase in declined transactions and your bank may enforce compliance how they see fit. Are you #PSD2Ready?

Secure payments, happy customers

We pay for products and services on websites, portals, apps, social media, over NFC, through our mobile number and more. Find out why security regulations need to keep changing to comply with new technology, and why visible compliance matters so much to customers.

What will you learn in the webinar?

  • What the PSD2 regulations actually are
  • How to ensure you are taking steps towards compliance with 3D Secure and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • Why the regulations have changed
  • How secure payments can improve your bottom line
  • Next steps for UK merchants
  • And much more from the open Q&A
20 September 2019 12:30

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