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  • Storytellers United Hack Jam

Event Details

  • Start Date:27th February 2019
  • Start Time:09:00 am
  • End Date:28th February 2019
  • End Time:15:00 pm
  • Location:MMU Shed, Chester Street, Manchester, M1 5GD
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Storytellers United Hack Jam

In 36 hours, participants will team up to brainstorm ideas, create open-source projects and demo prototypes of their own responsive/perceptive storytelling experiences. Participants compete against the clock, not against each other. Teams will have access to unreleased cutting-edge tools and be mentored by experts from research and industry sharing their knowledge and expertise.

The most promising prototypes will be demoed at a mini-conference dedicated to the future of storytelling as part of BBC Digital Cities Manchester 2019.

Ideal participants are from the creative sectors such as,

  • Freelancers, Sole-traders and SMEs working in new media fields combining data with media,, may have tried twine, eko, inkle, etc
  • Producers and Directors interested in adaptive and non-linear narratives, may have tried twine, eko, inkle, etc
  • Developers with an interest in audio & video combined with data and used javascript libs like the VideoContext.js, Seriously.js, etc
  • Students and Academics with a deep interest in object-based media, adaptive narratives, interactive digital narrative
  • Artists exploring mixed media and non-linear narratives

Remember tickets are an expression of interest...

The event is run with support from BBC R&D and BBC Academy, MMU's School of Digital Arts, Storytellers United, Popathon, University of York’s Digital Creativity labs and Creative England.