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Head of Agile Delivery Management

Cabinet Office Government Digital Service -

Full-time (Permanent)
£60,500 to £71,000
Published on
27 June 2022
17 July 2022

What you'll do

Through applying your skills and knowledge you’ll set the standards for agile delivery management in the delivery of government services and beyond. Not only will you be the most senior in your field within Transforming Government Services (TGS) contributing to its deliverables, you’ll work with other TGS team members to ensure agile delivery management as a specialism is part of x-government-wide service transformation/system reform.

As the Head of Agile Delivery Management you’ll:

  • develop an understanding of the strategic outcomes the team is working towards, and plan and conduct your work to manage the delivery of those outcomes
  • demonstrate a passion for and excellence in your profession.
  • be a credible subject matter expert in your profession and lead the debate on how your specialism needs to be applied and developed in the context of transforming government services
  • demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of government and potential blockers to delivering excellent services
  • be a proactive and constructive member of TGS extended leadership team, and CDDO, through responsible management of objectives/people/budget/risk/etc
  • align new and existing work to the priorities in TGS and CDDO, and appropriately prioritising to deliver maximum benefit of limited resources
  • work with teams across CDDO to ensure a joined-up and consistent approach, be an ambassador for CDDO in all external engagements and interactions
  • focus on delivery, impact and measuring your own, and TGS service’s, performance
  • seek to continuously improve your performance in all of the above, including seeking feedback and looking externally at best practice

Who you'll be

We are interested in people who:

  • have experience of introducing ‘agile’ to an organisation so that the principles are universally understood and applied appropriately
  • know how to coach and lead teams in Agile and Lead practices, you are a recognised expert that advocates these approaches, continuously reflecting and challenging the team. You can create or tailor new ways of working; you are always innovating. 
  • can act as the escalation point and resolve large or high-risk commercial management issues. You know how to coach others in appropriate commercial management. 
  • mediate between people and mend relationships, communicating with stakeholders at all levels. Managing stakeholder expectations and facilitate discussions about high risk and complexity within deadlines. You can speak and represent the community to large audiences inside and outside of government
  • negotiate, influence or set budgets in complex environments. You can write or input into business cases and can communicate business-value propositions. 
  • successfully lead teams through the full product life cycle. Identify which tools and techniques should be used at each stage. You can develop sustainable support models. Identify and deal with potential risks across or between all stages of the product life cycle. You know how to coach others to the assessment of other teams, providing guidance and support as they move through stages of the product life cycle
  • maintain delivery momentum, optimising the delivery flow of teams. actively address the most complicated risks, issues and dependencies including where ownership exists outside the team or no clear ownership exists. identifying innovative ways to unblock issues. 
  • identify and challenge organisational processes of increasing complexity and those processes that are unnecessarily complicated. You can add value and can coach the organisation to inspect and adapt processes. You know how to guide teams through the implementation of a new process.
  • Lead a continual planning process in a very complex environment. You can plan beyond product delivery. identifying dependencies in plans across services and coordinate delivery. You know how to coach other teams as the central point of expertise. 
  • know how to change organisational structures to fixable and sustainable designs. Leading on strategy for an entire organisation, joining up business needs with innovative analysis. make and justify decisions characterised by high levels of risk, impact and complexity. building consensus between organisations (private or public) or highly independent and diverse stakeholders. Solving and unblocking issues within teams or departments at the highest level. You understand the psychology of a team and have strong mediation skills. You can coach an organisation on team dynamics and conflict resolution.

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