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Cabinet Office Government Digital Service -

Freelancer / self-employed
£575 to £650 a day
Published on
22 July 2021
30 August 2021

Contracting Pool Opportunity 

This is an opportunity to join our contracting pool for interim roles and contract work with the Government Digital Service.

By joining our pool we can keep in contact with you about opportunities that arise both inside and outside of IR35.

We typically pay between £575 to £650 a day for Site Reliability Engineers via our contracting route, but rates can also be determined by the contract deliverables.  


Once you have applied we will screen your suitability for our interim roles or service contracts and will contact you to confirm that you have been added to our pool if successful.

We would welcome applications from the following:

  • site reliability engineers who are looking for full time interim contracts 
  • contractors who specialise in site reliability engineering as a business service to clients
  • site reliability engineers who are interested in flexible contracts 
  • anyone else with a site reliability engineering background who would be interested in working with us through our contracting route

We require Site Reliability Engineers to: 

  • have and apply broad knowledge of core web technologies

  • take responsibility for solving complex issues

  • automate tasks, deployments, and tests by creating infrastructure as code, taking responsibility for the quality of code you produce

  • implement resilient, highly available systems

  • share knowledge of tools and techniques with your wider team

  • participate in our in-house (2nd line)  support, and the out-of-hours support rota (if applicable to the contract)

  • share knowledge among our teams, ensuring that your team is understood by others and understanding the working of the wider organisation

We’re interested in Site Reliability Engineers who:

  • are experienced with UNIX-like operating systems and technologies used for web applications, e.g Linux, databases, backups, CDNs

  • can demonstrate a working familiarity with at least one programming language such as Ruby, Java, Python, Javascript, Go

  • are experienced with AWS and the use of orchestration tools such as Terraform, Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes

  • understand software design principles

  • take a systematic approach to solving problems

  • use automated testing to validate solutions

  • understand agile environments and version control

  • are familiar with web security

  • understand network protocols, eg HTTPS, TLS etc

  • have familiarity with working practices such as test driven development, continuous integration and continuous delivery

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