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Full-time (Permanent)
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11 January 2021
14 February 2021

We are hiring for a Software Craftsperson-in-Training to join our Academy in Manchester. As a Craftsperson-in-Training, you will have the opportunity to join our 14-week intensive training program, which covers a number of topics including classicist and outside-in TDD, design patterns, legacy code, domain-driven design, databases, quality engineering, and agile processes.

At the end of the program you should:

  • Have experience of working within a Codurance team (with your fellow CTs on an internal project)
  • Be able to engineer, architect and advise on simple distributed systems,
  • Be able to implement and advise on simple CI/CD pipelines,
  • Have all the necessary skills to be a consultant at Codurance:
    • Interact fluently and perform confidently in all client roles (technical and non-technical)
    • Be able to give opinions and options
    • Support and coach other developers
    • Be able to participate in all related client-facing activities (practice talks, workshops, demonstrations)


We are looking for people who share the same software craftsmanship values as we do: being passionate about software, interested in improving your skills and committed to continuous learning. We're looking for people to join our academy who:

  • Understand the benefits of Test-driven Development.
  • Are familiar with OO design and have tried using it in coding situations and learned from the results.
  • Understand and appreciate how refactoring makes code easier to understand and modify (you don't need to be an expert at it)
  • Strive to make their code clean and easy to understand by revealing their intent.

Above all, you must have a desire to deliver high-quality software and realise that the key to doing so is adopting good practices.

It’s an added bonus if you:

  • Have competency in one of the main tech stacks we use. These are JVM (Java, Scala, Clojure), .NET (C#, F#), and Node.JS.
  • Have DevOps experience or worked with any cloud platforms


  • Transparency - salary bandings and finances are available to everyone from day one.
  • Autonomy - got an idea? Form an Initiative Circle, take ownership, run with it, and see it through to delivery.
  • Our People - You’ll be working alongside Craftspeople who share your interest in learning, whether that’s on a client project or contributing to our internal projects

Once you complete the Academy you will have access to:

  • A budget for your learning & personal development to use via our online tool, Learnerbly
  • Books - Found something interesting to read that doesn’t already live in our office or digital library? We’ll cover book expenses - and ask to read it after you as well!
  • Training - No fixed training budget. So long as the course is relevant for the company and you'll do a lightning talk on the subject, we’re happy to pay for it.
  • Life cover and private medical

Everyone should have the right to bring their whole self to work and be celebrated for who they are. Our people are hired purely on their commitment to these values and their ambition to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Codurance is proud to be an Equal Opportunities Employer and is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace.

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