Head of Design

Department for Education Digital - Manchester

Full-time (Permanent)
£60,290 - £68,579
Published on
19 December 2019
8 January 2020

As Head of Design, you will:

•Lead the service and interaction design profession in the DfE
•Work across departments to make sure there’s a cohesive approach to service and interaction design as well as to contribute to the design services that cut across departments
•Build and grow a brilliant team of talented designers that work across the DfE
•Build the DfE’s design capability by supporting the development of a DfE design system
•Raise the profile of design within the department, persuading people at all levels of the value of being user-centred and the importance of design in policy and service delivery
•Prioritise understanding the needs and behaviour of users and know how to use this insight to underpin and drive the work that we do
•Raise awareness and visibility of work, mentor and coach individuals and service teams
•Support people to grow in the profession, by providing education, training and coaching and mentoring
•Assess services to ensure they meet the Government Service Standard
•Be a leader in the DfE who supports others to develop and contributes to building a culture of collaboration, inclusivity and excellence

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