Performance Analyst

DfE Digital and Technology -

Full-time (Permanent)
Published on
6 November 2020
15 November 2020

As an Performance Analyst, you will:

• Consider service and customer needs based on various aspects of data

• Create a performance measurement framework for a project with the wider team, including identifying reporting requirements, advising on procurement, implementation and validation of tools to deliver against these requirements

• Be responsible for the accuracy and quality of data, data cleansing, and analysis and how they are used

• Provide clear written and verbal reports on performance indicators to a diverse range of audiences. These reports will highlight areas of risk in order to investigate and supervise areas of concern and recommending changes and their feasibility when needed

• Support on developing and maintaining performance reporting processes and dashboards to continuously improve services

• Work within a project team to focus on performance improvement

• Support necessary changes by communicating with stakeholders, analysing data, and using collaborative skills to plan and consult effectively with other teams and digital specialists

• Measure targets, milestones and timescales using the most effective method to ensure projects have a strong evidence-based approach

• Ensuring the performance requirements set out in GDS Standard are met


Essential Skills and Experience

You will have:

• Previous working experience in analysis or data handling

• Previous experience in digital development teams

• Demonstrable knowledge on identifying risks and investing them to achieve the best outcome for all

• Solid understanding of analysing and delivering performance reports

• Experience of working within a team with varied strengths to coordinate and support on performance related projects

Desirable Skills and Experience

• Experience of working in an agile, project-based environment, focused on delivering user needs

Desirable criteria will only be assessed in the event of a tie break situation to make an informed decision


We'll assess you against these behaviours during the selection process:

  • Managing a Quality Service
  • Communicating and Influencing
  • Changing and Improving
  • Making Effective Decisions

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