Senior delivery manager

DfE Digital and Technology -

Full-time (Permanent)
Published on
14 October 2020
18 October 2020

As a Senior Delivery Manager, you will:

- Build and maintain teams, ensuring they are motivated, collaborating and working well

- Identify obstacles and help the team to overcome them

- Focus the team on what is most important to the delivery of products and services

- Encourage and facilitate continuous improvement of the delivery team

- Coach and mentor both team members and others to apply the most appropriate Agile and Lean tools and techniques

- Actively participate in the agile delivery manager community –learning, sharing knowledge and bringing in good practice

- Be part of a diverse, inclusive, supportive culture that stimulates innovation and enables high-performing teams to build and sustain high quality products and delivery


Essential Criteria & experience:

You will:

• Be able to lead teams using Agile practices. Be an advocate of these approaches, continuously reflecting and challenging the team

• Be able to mediate and mend relationships, engaging and managing the expectations of stakeholders at all levels

• Be able to optimise the delivery flow of teams and actively address the most complicated risks, issues and dependencies including where ownership exists outside the team or no clear ownership exists. Be able to identify innovative ways to unblock issues

• Be able to identify and challenge organisational processes that are unnecessarily complicated. Be able to add value and coach the organisation to inspect and adapt processes

• Be able to take a lead in advocating for a user-centred approach to delivering products and services, referencing relevant frameworks and approaches such as the GDS Service Standard

Desirable skills and experience:

You will:

- Be able to manage diverse stakeholders at all levels and between organisational, technical and political boundaries

- Quickly get up to speed with product, policy and political contexts, in order to create a positive environment for delivery

- Demonstrate a significant track record of successfully delivering digital projects or products, leading, planning, coordinating and motivating multi -site/ multi- department teams through the full product lifecycle

- Understand traditional delivery practices in large and complex organisations

Desirable criteria will only be assessed in the event of a tie break situation to make an informed decision 

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