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Full-time (Permanent)
Published on
29 April 2021
13 May 2021

Digital Futures Academy - Modern Software Engineering: Manchester

About the job

Digital Futures is a UK technology services and training organisation with an experienced team, created to help people like you get into tech. We will give you the skills and the opportunity to work with some amazing companies across a variety of industry sectors.

It doesn't matter what you studied at university – if you are interested in a rewarding career in the exciting tech industry, we are here to help. We select and assess applicants based on their ability to demonstrate the critical attributes needed for a successful career in technology, with no minimum education or experience required.

We don't simply talk about being an equal opportunities employer, we mean it. Our successful candidates come from all sorts of backgrounds and we are all about promoting diversity and creating equal opportunities within the tech sector.

Your journey with Digital Futures will start with our immersive training Academy, in which our team of expert trainers will help you solve problems, learn essential technical skills and get you ready for business. This training is delivered mostly online, with one-to-one mentoring and plenty of opportunities to collaborate with other people on the course. We plan to spend 20% of our time working together in person and supporting you with the more personal skills required to be successful in business.

Once you pass this stage, we will give you the opportunity to take up a full-time contract with Digital Futures where you will spend 1–2 years working in high-performing teams at some of the world's most innovative companies. You will be helping our industry partners on a number of strategic technology initiatives, focused on solving real-world problems. You will continue to benefit from ongoing training, support and mentoring from the Digital Futures team. We will assess your progress continuously to ensure you are developing at the right pace. At the end of your development programme, you will be perfectly set-up for a brilliant future in tech.

Join us and start your Digital Future today.

Modern Software Engineering

We believe that modern software engineering is about more than code; join us and develop an outcome-oriented, growth mindset that focuses on delivering results and directly benefiting yourself and your organisation.

You'll be committed to life-long learning and have both the mindset and skills to rapidly achieve your own objectives. You'll be ready to join teams and hit the ground running, having already built, test-first, several command line, web, and single page applications using multiple languages and frameworks. Above all, you'll think about the quality of the code you write and find ways to keep it easy to read and easy to change.

You will also need exemplary communication and emotional intelligence skills alongside your technical skills to be a successful software engineer in today's workplace. You'll cultivate these skills during project-based learning, self-assessments, peer review, group reflections and emotional intelligence workshops.

This is the kind of modern software engineer you'll become, and one that will help accelerate your own growth and career.

Course Coverage:

·         Developer tools and workflow

·         Software architecture principles

·         Software development e.g. JavaScript, Python, Ruby

·         Data storage e.g. SQL, MongoDB

·         Develop client and server side concepts

·         Understand deployment technologies and practices

·         Capstone challenge / project


What are we looking for?

 Our modern software engineers come from all backgrounds and can demonstrate the following characteristics:

·         Genuine interest in technology and how it can help the world

·         Self-starting and motivated by personal development

·         Intellectually curious with strong problem-solving skills

·         Team player and collaborative in nature

·         Delivery mindset with the ability to get things done

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