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Published on
24 March 2021
31 May 2021

You are a Digital Marketing Executive.

Here’s how your week may look:

You start off checking in with your clients – either directly communicating with them, or by reviewing the paid advertising accounts you own to make sure things are on track. You set your agenda for the day, prioritising tasks in line with customer roadmaps, and immediate deadlines. 

Next up, you work collaboratively with members of the Space 48 CX team, either on a joint SEO migration project, or a new business proposal. 

After another varied morning, you’ll action new tasks – dedicating time to optimising an account, delivering strategy updates, or introducing yourself to a new customer. Every day is a new day. And every day brings a new opportunity. 

At the end of the day, you’re invited to a team retrospective. You get in touch with your line manager and set expectations. Together, you set the groundwork for the rest of your week, and finish off with a casual chat. 

Tomorrow is the first of the month so you’re going to review all of your tasks,  confirm you’re on target, and meet with the operations team to talk about your monthly performance.

If you read this and it sounds like your ideal job — we want you on the team!

What You’ll Be Doing

The following should give you an idea of how you’ll be expected to typically be spending your time. It’s not set in stone and it may change from week-to-week, but it gives an idea of what is expected from the role.

Acquisition Strategy for customers (70%)

You’ll be spending the majority of your time planning, delivering and reporting on the various digital marketing services we offer. Your skillset ranges from paid social activity, and Google Ads account management, to Google Tag Manager implementations. 

New Business (20%)

You know the services you offer inside and out. As part of your role, you are partially responsible for writing up and submitting proposals for new work with new customers. Answering any client questions and giving them confidence in our work is part and parcel of this process.

Hands on Learning (10%)

By collaborating with another team member, or independently as you work, you will have ample opportunity to skill up in line with your personal development plan. You’ve also got time allocated to get certified in the qualifications that will help you stand out. 

Who You Are

Here’s an idea of the type of experience you’ve got along with an idea of what we think would be useful to also know:

Knowledge and Experience

Essential Knowledge and Experience

  • Practical experience with Facebook Ads and other paid social platforms
  • Practical experience with Google Ads and Bing Ads
  • Practical experience with various Google products including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Google Merchant Centre. & Google Search Console
  • Practical experience with Excel/Google Sheets
  • Ecommerce specific SEO experience
  • A strong sense of good practice with respect to using a computer
  • Experience collaborating with various teams to create a culture of quality.
  • Knowledge of industry best practice related to ecommerce acquisition and marketing
  • Highly motivated with demonstrable analytical skills
  • Attention to detail, commitment and desire to complete a consistently high standard of work
  • Advanced time management skills with the ability to manage own tasks to agreed timelines with limited supervision
  • Strong communication skills. Being able to work with key stakeholders and various client profiles with ranging senioritis and dealing directly with non-technical stakeholders
  • A desire for continuous learning and development

Desirable Knowledge and Experience

  • 1 year experience building and delivering marketing and acquisition strategies, across a variety of channels
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation experience
  • Email Service Provider experience e.g. with DotDigital / Ometria
  • Amazon / Marketplace experience
  • Affiliate Marketing experience
  • Confidence with building Content Marketing Strategies
  • Knowledge of ecommerce industry and trends

Your Responsibilities

The following are the types of tasks that you may be required to perform as part of your role.

  • Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads
    • Account Management / Optimisation and  Campaign set-up and implementation
    • Regular feedback with client including the analysis of data & insights through clear reporting
  • SEO Migration Projects
    • Data Migration with redirect file builds
    • Meta data & Technical SEO analysis
    • Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager migrations
    • Regular feedback with client
  • Manage Workflow
    • Evaluate workflow, create standardised approach and identify key metrics 
    • Document processes and track time through Jira
  • Analyse Effectiveness
    • Support our customers in identifying key metrics to track to analyse performance
    • Work collaboratively with the team and our clients to deliver profitable growth within the client’s channels we manage or support
  • Communicate with Team
    • Provide progress reports on tasks and projects with constructive feedback
    • Support CX team with business ambitions
  • Share Knowledge and Ideas
    • Proactively suggest improvements to our approach
    • Actively support and collaborate with all members of the team
  • New Business
    • Write  New Business proposals
    • Participate in pitches/ client proposal meetings

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission is to create more human and compelling ecommerce experiences. 

Our Vision is to provide our customers with standout service and support, and lead change in our industry

Our Values are:

  • We work together
  • We take ownership
  • We thrive when we learn
  • We go beyond
  • We do the right thing.

But what does all of this mean?

Our mission, vision and values are guiding principles which give us clear focus and direction. They 

help us to learn, to grow and to succeed, both individually and together as a group. 

Our MVV are special because they were created by our team for our team. They reflect where we want Space 48 to go, how we want it to get there and how the culture and environment should feel along the way. 

We don’t want it to just end up as ‘words on a wall’ though and we need to work together to keep the momentum going and bring it all to life. It doesn’t matter what your role is, everybody has an important part to play.  Maintaining our positive, collaborative culture is really important and if you’re invited for an interview, we’ll be looking for evidence that you’ll be a good fit – not just from a skills perspective, but from a cultural and values perspective as well.

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