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COUCH Health

Ash Rishi
0330 995 0656
Suite 2.10, Jactin House
24 Hood Street
M4 6WX

COUCH Health is a new breed of communications agency that, due to a very personal experience, has purpose at its core. In 2001, one of our founders lost his father to Prostate Cancer. Had his doctor been sufficiently educated on the signs to look for, he might still be here today

Using a combination of best in class health advertising techniques, we exist to better educate people about anything that can save or improve the lives of others. We specialise improving experiences of patients on a clinical trial, a doctor attending a conference or a healthcare brand looking to elevate their sales … Our results speak for themselves. 

We are as human to work with as we are human in our focus to do good with our skills and expertise. Our clients treat us like partners because we behave as such. 

The content we create, be that a powerpoint presentation or digital campaign, speaks to people in a way that is medical jargon-free and truly resonates with the target audience to drive action. 

We use advertising as the basis for what we do because we are living in the age of the empowered patient, where content across a wide range of digital platforms is key to awareness and engagement. 

Our clients work in...


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