Engage Your People

Megan Yates
32 Senior Lane, Salford
Greater Manchester
Greater Manchester
M3 7FE

Engage Your People was born out of a Technology Business that had a high-performance culture as well as a people centred culture. Whilst at this business, Kate and Megan were part of the driving force to winning the Number 1 Best Company to Work for in the Sunday Times Top 100.

Following the success with this winning methodology of culture, the EYP Platform was created with the methodology influencing the core features. Targeting the Four Pillars of Engagement - Leadership, Communication, Recognition, and Knowledge – the platform allows organisations to connect with their people on a deeper level and know exactly how they feel through smart Sentiment Scoring. This means lower attrition and higher engagement results. With research showing that higher engagement is linked directly to increased profits (Gallup) the Engage Platform is the technology to drive this forward.

Kate and Megan have lived and breathed culture into the platform and have now provide a consultancy service with bespoke cultural training, all related to the Award-Winning Methodology. Working with organisations to improve and build their culture through to consistency and rigour of the methodology, means that they can shape the modern workplace in being a better, more engaging, place for all.

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