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Member of the week - Fast Web Media

Our latest Member of the Week is Fast Web Media!

Fast Web Media create besoke digital strategies, keeping innovation at the heart of everything they do, we had a chat with them and here is what they had to tell us! 


1. What does your organisation do?

Fast Web Media specialises in delivering bespoke digital marketing strategies covering SEO, paid media, technical development, content, email marketing, design and UX across a number of industries both local and international with specific experience in the growing esports industry.   


2. What do you think is currently the biggest issue facing the digital and tech industry?

As this year’s Edelman Trust Barometer proved, the public's faith in social media, and digital as a whole is declining. The rise of 'Fake News' and the alleged use of social ads to influence the 2016 US election have created a landscape of distrust that's truly global in nature. 


This affects businesses too. As 2018 progresses, the emphasis will be on companies to show that they can be trusted, not just with customer data, but to communicate honestly on social media, their website and through digital ads. This is particularly relevant for programmatic channels, where it’s increasingly difficult to control which sites ads appear on. 


When it comes to digital trust, data protection and GDPR is just the tip of the iceberg.  


3. What is your organisation's biggest achievement?

Fast Web Media have always been digital innovators, and in 2015 the development of InTELEgentsia a multi-screen marketing platform, utilising signals such as TV programming & weather forecasts into targeted digital advertising facilitated the agency's acquisition by the Mporium Group PLC.


4. What would you consider to be your organisation's biggest challenge?

Now we are back in the city centre ensuring we make our mark in a very busy digital agency space. 


5. What do you think the future looks like for Manchester's digital and tech sector?

Manchester has long held a reputation for leading the way in digital innovation but we must question whether we truly fly the flag or sometimes just pay lip service to our revolutionary forefathers. 


Our city works best when it's united and we have an ability to create unmatched solidarity when we set our minds to it. The Northern Powerhouse agenda and organisations like Manchester Digital are doing great work harnessing this. However, there's still much work to be done within our own businesses, neighbourhood and communities across the city to open up connections and authentic communication to serve the common interest of empowering our hometowns digital and tech industry.


The city’s hotbed of agencies can naturally be held back by the competitive nature of our businesses so we need to find more mutually beneficial opportunities to develop and showcase our combined abilities and value. I'd love to see more digital and tech businesses in Manchester (and our neighbouring northern cities), collaborating and learning from one another in order to strengthen the city’s offering as a whole and Fast Web Media intend to play our part and facilitate this wherever we can. 



6. Tell us something we might not know about your company

Here’s a few things you may not know….

• FWM was the first digital publisher in Manchester (Founded in 1994)

• In 1995 Fast Web Media launched ‘PremierNet’ in-conjunction with the Premier League - the world’s first football website.


• We specialise in the esports industry from grassroots, academia, professional teams and developers, start-ups to global organisations such as Gfinity (one of the world's leading esports companies which has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality competitions, both online at and at the Gfinity Esports Arena in London).


Big thank you to Fast Web Media for being our member of the week, do you want to feature next week? Email us at [email protected]