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Propelling agencies to profitability and growth

A new business created to provide commercial advice and in-agency support to agency owners has launched. 

Propelled has been launched by former Clock Creative Managing Director Mark Taylor.

Mark left Clock in 2015 and has been working with retail events agency MayNineteen helping to grow and build value in the business and was instrumental in their recent sale to Pinpointer.

Mark feels his experience gained both client and agency side gives him a unique position from which to offer support and help. Prior to his time at Clock he was a senior manager in a US owned global organisation.

“Having worked in agency’s for the last 10 years, I have become increasingly aware of the need for real commercial skills in the sector. Agencies are generally started by creative entrepreneurs who sooner or later get to a stage where they need to run a business. There are a great deal of exciting agencies in the sector and the addition of some real commercial experience would help many to break through to the next level.”

I’m offering internal help and support, I work alongside the owners inside the agency to overlay what’s needed to run a growing, profitable and sustainable business.

“I love working with creative people and I’m really excited at the prospect of helping more agencies in the sector to grow and realise greater value from their businesses.”

For more info visit www.getpropelled.co.uk

Contact: [email protected]

Telephone 07809 524473