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Apadmi named Northcoders’ first ‘Curriculum Partner’

Mobile technology company Apadmi has been named the first ‘Curriculum Partner’ for Northcoders, the coding bootcamp of the North – a ground-breaking sponsorship that will help to better prepare tech students for entering the workplace.

As of this month, Manchester-based Apadmi will be sponsoring the project phase of the Northcoders curriculum, where students are tasked with building an innovative technology solution against a brief.

The experienced mobile developers will give direction to students on the type of tech they need to build – whether AR/VR, blockchain or machine learning – but also provide them with guidance on how that solution fits into a pre-existing business ecosystem.

Gary Butcher, Apadmi’s Engineering Manager, explained: “It’s critical that fast-growing tech businesses like ours invest in future talent. The digital skills shortage is one of the biggest challenges facing the technology industry, and Apadmi want to be part of the solution.

“Supporting initiatives like these helps us to do that – the more knowledge we can give to students around the genuine business implications of their work, the better prepared they’re going to be when they come to interview for and work in real-life development teams. Plus, it helps to fuel our growth and that of the many Northern companies wanting to attract, nurture and retain that new talent within the region.”

Amul Batra, Chief Partnerships Officer for Northcoders, added: "We’ve worked with Apadmi for a number of years and are now proud to welcome them as Northcoders' first ever Curriculum Partner.

“Our Curriculum Partners will help to ensure that the software development processes that we continue to teach are reflective of a true business environment. The project idea suggested by Apadmi gave 6 of our upcoming graduates the opportunity to work to client requirements – those project expectations will ensure that they’re readier than ever when entering the industry."

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