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The Co-op app will become the backbone of the store’s in-app retail strategy for existing and new customers, giving the Co-op’s 4.6 million members the ability to download weekly personalised offers that will save them money, as well as tracking their member reward balance. Members can choose two offers every week and use them on top of any in-store promotions. 


The leading UK retailer aims to empower members and boost engagement by digitalising their existing membership service and offering coupons and tailored deals at their customer’s fingertips. 


Matt Hunt, Chief Client Officer for Apadmi, commented: “It’s fantastic to work with the Co-op as they continue on their digital transformation journey. We were thrilled to be taken on as their digital partner 2 years ago - to see the product of all those discussions come to fruition is really exciting. 


“Not only has the Co-op App revolutionised the way customers use their offers via paperless coupons, but it’s addressed a core concern for the Co-op team: building and improving customer relationships. We’re continuing to focus on further enhancing the level of engagement Co-op members experience and can’t wait to share what’s to come.”


The app was released in BETA ahead of a vigorous 12 month testing process, with the aim of developing a clear and smooth user journey through real-world user testing with Co-op employees and members.

While the testing year has focused on empowering members through defined usability features and boosting engagement within the app, one of Apadmi’s key focuses has been to incorporate technical support and consultancy in line with the Co-op’s long-term digital strategy.


The mobile tech experts are already working with the Co-op Digital team on upcoming feature development for promotions and tailored ‘intelligent’ offers based on user’s information and buying behaviours. 


Joel Godfrey, Principal Product Manager, Co-op Digital commented: “It’s great to have finally launched the app and its new features after this intensive period of development. We put our members at the heart of everything we do, so getting their feedback on the app as early as possible was critical. 


“The 12-month testing period has enabled us to identify the features and functionality that will really matter to our members. The end result is just as we hoped - richer customer interactions, greater member satisfaction and now we can look at personalising those in-app user experiences.”

Apadmi is one of the UK’s top mobile technology companies; this story follows news of Apadmi’s recent expansion into Media City UK and client wins including SailGP, Charles Stanley and HSS.

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