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Join Apadmi for a panel event looking at the problem-solving power of technology with insights from The Economist and the BBC.

Apadmi event logo- 'Set for success: The problem solving power of technology'

Understanding how to make the most of the problem-solving power of technology is not straightforward. We’re on a mission to get to the heart of where to focus, what the benefits are and how to avoid common pitfalls, such as:

  • Not knowing where to invest to get the maximum results
  • Jumping into projects without demonstrating a clear ROI
  • Relying on technology to address symptoms rather than root problems
  • Not having a clear direction, structure and scope for the project
  • Building products in a silo and not integrating with your wider tech stack

With experts from the public sector, brands, retailers and innovators, this panel will discuss how mobile, web and platform technology is influencing investment and growth. 

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