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Beating burnout in the new age of collaboration!

best software tools for remote working asana teams microsoft dynamics

For many corporations, the abrupt shift to working remotely has proved challenging. The unchartered territory of the pandemic compelled many to attempt to simulate an office environment, prompting a surge in the use of collaboration platforms. In an effort to recreate, this may have instead encouraged ‘app overload’. Learning how to operate and then navigating these apps can be time-consuming, and in most cases, the continual cognitive disruption hinders productivity. So how can you ensure remote productivity without the overload? 

We recommend a streamlined approach. Businesses are reshaping their core foundations with full digital transformations and, here at Beeta, we feel that adopting a catch-all project management platform is key. Clarity is essential. Implementing a singular management system enables the whole team to access a clear overview of the internal eco-system, highlighting deadlines, completions, priorities, etc. A lack of transparency leads to confusion of ownership and subsequently, duplication; a waste of time, resources and money that could be spent elsewhere.  

Are you spending more time communicating about work than doing it? 

The world is still grappling with the impact of the pandemic and with most of us still working from home, increased communication is understandably a leading approach. Whilst we agree that an aligned team ensures coordination, communication must be strategic. In a typical office environment, information and updates are distributed organically amongst colleagues.  

Exchanging these casual interactions for meticulously detailed meetings can take up a lot of time that could be spent getting the work done and ultimately, lead to delays. Authentic conversation amongst the team is crucial to prevent burnout and preserve a sense of culture and alignment, particularly in the current circumstances where interaction is already limited.   

Beeta’s top picks software to make working remotely a breeze! 

  1. Asana – an all-encompassing project management platform that allows businesses to manage projects, teams and overall workflowAsana reduces productivity pitfalls like context-switching and allows you to assess any areas of weakness. You can tailor, assign and share tasks on a collaborative dashboard that enables clarity for the whole teamThe platform also integrates with a variety of leading software, such as office 365! 
  1. Microsoft Teams – the perfect tool to make sure the team feel ‘seen’ whilst working remotely. It combines video-calling, audio and instant messenger to enable real-time communication throughout the day. Teams also provides file storage and allows you to share and collaborate on documents.  
  1. Harvest – this platform also integrates with Asana and is designed to track time and expenses. Harvest allows you to track the time spent on individual tasks and projects, improving overall time-management and highlighting internal costs. The tool allows you to easily gather data and generate productivity reports. 
  1. Dynamics 365-  a multifaceted Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) with a comprehensive suite of services. This platform helps you to progress customers through your sales funnel by enabling all in one solutions and allowing you to store all of your data on a centralised database.  

It’s important to find software that works for you when working virtually. To progress, businesses must adopt more agile ways of working to stay ahead of the gameGet in touch to discuss your software needs during lockdown! 

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