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Beeta client LCM makes the wall street journal, newspaper and Beeta logo, automation, manufacturing, tech trends

Our client, Less Common Metals (LCM), were recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal discussing Neodymium production and their automation processes that the team at Beeta helped to create. The clip provides fantastic insight into the rare earth materials industry and the challenges that the sector is facing.  

We are thrilled that we have been able to assist LCM with its automation and overall production efficiency. These solutions have ensured that LCM is unrivalled in the UK and are quickly becoming a solid contender for China, who currently ‘dominate’ the market. You can find the full documentary here: Tech Companies Depend on China for Rare Earths. Can That Change? (

We will soon be publishing a full case study on our collaboration with LCM but in the meantime, drop us an email for more information on how Beeta helped to streamline LCM’s processes via automation! 

Prominent tech trends in manufacturing

At Beeta we are truly passionate about contemporary technology and the opportunities a digital transformation can provide. The face of manufacturing is changing and the industry is becoming increasingly tech-driven. The next generation of manufacturing companies now rely on the implementation of advanced solutions and systems if they want to compete with the industry standard. 

Some of the most prolific trends in recent years are automated processes; cloud services, bespoke applications/ portals, and augmented reality. Applying these solutions to your business can significantly improve how your business operates, increasing speed, productivity, and flexibility. Operational efficacy enables businesses to expand their bandwidth and the range of services they can provide for consumers. Subsequently, leading to scalable growth. 

How can tech positively impact the manufacturing sector? 

Relating specifically to the production of rare earth materials (alongside the benefits mentioned above), bespoke technology can identify machine malfunctions without causing latency issues. This dynamic approach means that there is less overall disruption and delay. Software solutions can also process and store the substantial amounts of raw and complex data required for production. 

Technical solutions also provide the opportunity to strengthen and streamline relationships with clients and suppliers. Not overlooking the potential to improve team output and coordination. Keeping up to date with modern technology ensures that your processes are more efficient and also positions you as a forward-thinking, innovative brand – key for giving you the edge over competitors.  

How can Beeta help? 

Here at Beeta we always adopt our three-stage approach to ensure meticulous scoping. Rather than the typical 6 stage software development lifecycle, we break this down into 10 phases as we believe that thorough discovery ensures a simple delivery.

If you are considering implementing a software solution, get in touch for some scoping advice on 

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