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Cookie Recipe: For Success!


  • Device (of your choosing)
  • Browser
  • Cookies
  • Anti-malware software
  • YOU


Cybercrimes are paramount around the Christmas period, so this is the kind of cookie recipe you don’t want to miss! There are two main types of cookies, temporary (session) and permanent (persistent). The former only last for the duration of the session to assist with navigation, once the browser is closed, they vanish too. Permanent cookies, however, remain in operation even after the browser has been closed. These are often used to store information about the user’s site preferences or log-in details. Third-party cookies are used to identify user behaviour and data for commercial purposes, such as ensuring ads are directed at the correct audience.


The majority of the time cookies are beneficial for users; If used with precaution they can assist with automatic authentication, save time and convenience, and ensure you receive relevant marketing. However, they do carry a security risk. So, what steps can you take to reduce this?

  1. Be wary when sharing personal information. Never share confidential details when using public hardware as cookies can store and transmit this data!
  2. Browser ad-ons are available that allow you to keep your browsing habits private and block any tracking (third-party) cookies – If you want to.
  3. For a more permanent option you can disable cookie storage in your browser. This can be modified in your browser’s privacy settings.
  4. Malware can often disguise itself as cookies to infiltrate your system, make sure your hardware is protected with anti-malware software.
  5. If you’re unsure of a websites legitimacy, do not accept cookies and immediately exit the browser.

Cooking Time:

Five minutes, tops!

Recipe tips!

For businesses, make sure to get the user’s consent to store cookies on their device in an unambiguous way and explain what the cookies are doing and why. If made in moderation, it’s sure to be a recipe for success!

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