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Limited development slots available!

Are you wanting to take your business to the next level in 2022? Book onto our waiting list now!

We have significantly upscaled our in-house development team over the past 12 months after winning a number of long-term projects. Beeta now has a waiting list of 3 months and only a few development slots available. Whilst we feel incredibly fortunate to be in this position we’re keen to avoid disappointment so we’re now offering a series of ‘Discovery Days’ for new clients. We pride ourselves on being an authentic, Manchester-based team that is always available for a catch-up and a brew.

With our recent inhouse expansion, our specialists can be on hand for a chat, as and when needed. Beeta is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and software solutions for our clients and whilst this limits the amount of work we can take on; we have always valued quality over quantity.

Currently, we are booking in scoping sessions for clients looking to implement high-tech projects in the new year. If this aligns with your 2022 business goals, get in touch on or 0333 090 6662.

Book your own discovery day and start planning for next year’s success now!

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