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In a series of blogs about what life as a Computerlover is like, we caught up with our Product Consultant Amy to find out what she gets up to in her day-to-day. 

Hi Amy! Can you start by telling us about yourself and your role within the agency?

Hello! I’m Amy, I’m a Product Consultant at Code, I joined in December 2021, am now 4 months into the role and loving it! As a product consultant, I act as the internal client to ensure the product meets the demands of the client’s business. I’m accountable for ensuring that we have good long-term relationships with our clients and that we do work that aligns with the client’s strategic objectives.

Can you tell us a bit about your background, and what attracted you to Code?

After university, I worked for a couple of different fast fashion brands within their merchandising and trading departments, it was a great experience for me to immerse myself in e-commerce and understand how changes on the website can have an instant positive effect on conversion.

I then started working at digital agencies working with clients to build and launch new websites with the objective of building brand awareness, and increasing conversion whilst maintaining a healthy ROI. Working within digital agencies allowed me to work across numerous different clients and be exposed to different sectors and projects.

Code really appealed to me with the benefits they offer, being able to dedicate 10% of my week for personal learning and development for Make Change Friday demonstrated that Code really values the development of their staff. They have other great benefits too such as a £500 yearly training budget and a wellbeing allowance!  

Now we’re all working flexibly, could you describe a typical day either in the office or from home?

My day always starts with a 15-minute stand up with my team and the client to run through the Kanban board to understand the progress of projects and if we have any blockers to address.

Depending on priorities my days can be very different, I could be having calls with clients to kick off a new project and understand the brief in more detail, looking at the long-term roadmap and prioritisation of work, writing new proposals and statements of work for projects or looking at account plans and relationship development.

As a team, we try and coordinate our days in the office to ensure we have strong collaboration and it’s always nice to go out for lunch as a team!

Is there any work you are particularly proud of?

In my first few months at Code, I would say the project I am most proud to be a part of was the rollout of a new homepage design for Hillarys. The team had data insight at the heart of the project conducting user research, analysis of data, heatmaps etc to understand how we could enhance the current experience to improve conversion and make the homepage more modern.

We ran numerous tests and variations which ultimately led to a big increase in conversion and reduced bounce rate, we will now be taking the same approach to other top landing pages throughout the site.

Do you have a favourite part of your job?

I love how varied the projects are between my clients, I’m able to work with developers looking at the infrastructure of the website, work with the design team on a new UX project and the content team on new interactive games. It means no two days are the same and my skillset is always improving by being exposed to different workstreams.

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