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Digital product and service company Code Computerlove has launched a range of new services on the

back of insights into the key challenges businesses are facing amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Manchester based agency has responded to three salient ways organisations are changing their

digital strategies to adapt to consumer behaviour impacted by the pandemic; adapting their business

model to introduce D2C channels, preparing new revenue channels in light of continued unpredictability

and, for those businesses that are thriving, getting more things done faster.

Code’s new services have been designed to enable businesses to respond quickly to these foremost

challenges with tailored two-week design sprint programmes, using data, research and idea generation

techniques that involve all key stakeholders to drive business-wide improvements.

Code’s business development director, Steve Peters explains:

“As a company that partners with businesses from scale-ups through to corporations with large in-house

development teams, we've been using design sprints successfully to solve all kinds of business problems

for many years. Then having helped a number of businesses to adapt to the Covid-era, we’ve taken a

proven process and created tailored design sprint agendas based around three core challenges. By

packaging our services into a rapid, valuable set of activities we can make a difference quickly and cater

for their emerging needs.

“Whether organisations need to ‘disrupt’ and change their business model, ‘grow’ to prepare for an

unpredictable 2021 or ‘accelerate’ to capitalise quicker on new market opportunities, each service is

designed to result in tangible change.

“As well as identifying key ways that business need to change in response to the pandemic, we also see

that they need to do it at speed. Businesses need to act now, not later and the two-week format is ideal

for making progress rapidly and adding value immediately.

“For businesses that are finding it hard to react, now is the moment to amplify the importance of digital

inside the organisation, focussing on effectiveness and delivering new lines of revenue.

“For businesses that are thriving, now is the time to understand how to go even faster and deliver more

value to your customers and your business whilst making smart long-term technical decisions.”

Steve adds: “We’ve been working to support a number of our clients in adapting to the impact Covid has

had on their businesses, and would be glad to share our knowledge and resources to help others who

are navigating their organisations through these torrid times.

“As well as launching our new Covid focused services we will be hosting industry events, talks and

content to our website to impart advice and give greater assistance to all businesses in need of help and


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