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Don’t Start With a Marketing Brief

Eleven offers end-to-end marketing services, so it might sound odd to say I don't want to see your marketing brief, but here's why...

Marketing might seem to some as the glamorous part of the business, where your product or service gets to pop on some sequins and stride onto the dancefloor to delight the crowds. Yes, it's all very exciting, but as with any good night out (remember those?), a lot of behind-the-scenes planning goes into making it a success.

What's in a marketing brief?

Marketing briefs require in-depth detail bringing together stakeholders from across the business, and unfortunately, writing a marketing brief is a time-consuming task. The alternative is an all too brief brief, and if we return to my analogy above, that means you're in danger of the sequins falling at the first shake and the stride turning into a stumble before realising the dancefloor's closed anyway.

While we do (okay, I concede) welcome a considered marketing or creative brief, I know that for many high-growth businesses the reliance on a brief - and dare I say, a budget - can be a big barrier to getting increasingly urgent marketing activity off the ground.

Continue reading to find out about our agile approach and why you won't need to spend time writing a brief to work with us.

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