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England Squash: Tender opportunity for branding and marketing of new membership scheme

Two people playing squash

England Squash is launching it membership and affiliation scheme in April 2024. We're now seeking to partner with an agency to produce branding and a visual identity, and execute a short-term promotional campaign to inspire and convert the target audience. 

View the full brief here.

Please submit an initial proposal which covers the following: 

• General approach to the project 

• Outline of project timelines 

• Confirmation of understanding and viewpoint on audiences

• Suggestion of target numbers/KPIs to measure success (though these will be fully discussed and agreed upon appointment) 

• Any ideas or initial concepts which may help support your proposal 

• Indication of experience of delivering similar campaigns (highlighting sport where possible), including any case studies or testimonials from other clients 

• Split of budget allocation, including phasing.

Indicative timings as follows: 

  • Proposals due - 9/10/2023
  • Appointment of successful agency – 23/10/2023 
  • Branding completion deadline – 20 December
  • Campaign planning and execution – mid January-May/June 2024
  • Project completion date – May/June 2024

We will review your proposal and we will plan to have a call to discuss any specific points further with you if clarity is needed. 

Please send your proposal to Donna Helmer, Marketing and Communications Manager at England Squash:

View the full brief here.

If you have any questions relating to the tender, please contact, Marketing and Communications Manager.

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