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MPTips: Candidate interview preparation

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Candidate Interview Preparation Tips


Research the company & Industry

Putting in the time and effort to learn about the company will show how committed you are to learning more about the opportunity.


Research potential interview questions

Look for potential and common interview questions, start researching answers and write these down to read back through.


Research career paths & development opportunities

By researching and discussing career paths within an interview this shows you are in it for the long term and are serious about the role.


Think of the questions you would like to ask

This shows you are interested, enthusiastic and engaged. Good questions show you are committed and have done your research.


Practice, practice & practice some more

By going through your research and practicing, you can master communicating in a confident and convincing way.


Create a list of your selling points

Think of 3 to 5 selling points which make you become the best candidate for the role. Have a scenario for each selling point.


Get clear about your career and what you want

Take some time to plan out what you want from your career over the next 3-5 years.


Find your skills that match the job description

Go through the job description and highlight the key skills that the employer is looking for.


Try not to talk too much

When we are nervous, we can talk a little too much. Try to look at the STAR concept. Situation, Task, Action, Result for each question.


Have the right body language

Dress appropriately, make use of eye contact, have good posture, speak clearly. 70-93% of communication is non-verbal.

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