• Celebrate National Coding Week with MadLab - Free coding workshops for adults

Celebrate National Coding Week with MadLab - Free coding workshops for adults

Free coding workshops for adults. If you would like to sign up for any of these, head on over to our Eventbrite page now!

MadLab is teaming up with CodeBug, CodeUp Manchester, and Response Tap, to bring you five workshops to help get you coding!

Take an introductory tour of programming basics, learn how to make a one-page website, create an app using Ruby or Java, or get hands-on with physical computing. Each session is just £3 to reserve, fully refundable on completion of the workshop (or you can choose to make it a donation to MadLab).

Please note that these sessions are for adults, and you will need to bring your own laptop with you in order to take part.

Programming 101 - 11am - 1pm, with Drew Morgan

This workshop is for complete beginners.

Programming 101 is a whistle-stop tour of everything programming languages can do. This practical session will use Python: a language that is beginner-friendly, but still presents enough of a challenge to be interesting – you can think of it a bit like those bumper lanes at the ten-pin bowling alley.

We’ll cover the differences between ‘natural language’ and ‘formal language’, and functions common to nearly all programming languages: data types, inputs and outputs, data structures and loops. You’ll also create your first program!

Before attending the workshop you will need to download and install Python 2.7 (not Python 3), which you can get here.

CodeUp Manchester mentor Drew started programming when he was seven, and gradually worked his way through BASIC, Visual Basic 3, VBA, HTML, C++, Python, Java, SQL, C#, and Javascript. After university he spent three years at a startup in Leeds, doing everything from development to sales before retraining as a physics teacher. He now works as a developer for Paystream. Drew’s preferred language is C#, but he will happily entertain any and all questions about programming or physics.

Build Your First Web Page - 11am - 1:30pm, with Daniel Furze

This workshop is aimed at novice developers with basic HTML & CSS skills, complete beginners should complete the Introduction to HTML section of this free online course before attending.

In this workshop you will learn the basics of full stack front-end web development by creating a basic web page – encompassing HTML, CSS and Javascript (with jQuery).

Daniel is a Senior Front-End Developer at Building Blocks, a digital agency in the heart of Manchester, and the assistant organiser of CodeUp Manchester. With four years commercial experience in front-end development, he’s worked for small local businesses to global corporations. His main focus is coding in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as front end build tools and processes.

Make a Web App with Ruby - 1:30pm - 3:30pm, with Michael Josephson

This workshop is aimed at beginners, but having some experience of HTML and CSS, and some basic programming skills, would be an advantage. If you're not comfortable with any of these, we recommend taking Programming 101 first.

Make a simple ‘to do list’ App, that will give you the ability to add items to a list and mark them as done. Along the way, you'll write some Ruby and JavaScript code, and get started with the Sinatra web framework, SQL database queries and some jQuery.

To prepare, please follow the instructions Michael has put together here. It is highly recommended that you complete this exercise prior to the workshop, as it is designed to help you get the most out of this session.

Michael Josephson is a member of the development team at Capsule CRM, and works on a mixture of back-end and front-end code, mainly using Scala, Java, and JavaScript. He’s also a CodeUp Manchester mentor, and can often be seen leading groups who want to learn Javascript, Python, Ruby, and many other languages!

Get the Bug for Coding with CodeBug! - 2pm - 5pm, with the creators of CodeBug

This workshop is aimed at programming and electronics beginners – anyone interested in programming with physical devices

This workshop will provide an introduction to easy drag-and-drop programming and electronics with CodeBug. You will learn how to create scrolling name badges, animated graphics and touch-responsive Apps.

CodeBug is a fun and engaging entry-level introduction to coding and physical electronics. In just a few clicks you’ll program the versatile little CodeBug computer to display your own message. You’re sure to get everyone’s attention, and show off your coding skills, when you pin your customised, wearable CodeBug to your clothes.

No preparation is needed for this workshop.

Option to purchase your CodeBug: After the workshop you’ll be given the option to take your CodeBug home for just £15. This is an exclusive offer exclusive as CodeBugs are not currently available to buy individually (they get lonely). Please note that we can only accept cash on the day.

Dr. Andrew Robinson is CodeBug’s project leader, and is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Manchester, where he completed his PhD in low-power embedded processors. Andrew can trace his enthusiasm for electronics and computers back to building a working model lighthouse aged five.

Open-source enthusiast Thomas Preston writes the software which makes the CodeBug board tick! From drag-and-drop blocks to making the LEDs shine, his work can be found at every stage of CodeBug’s software stack.

Full-time tinkerer Thomas Macpherson-Pope is CodeBug’s board engineer and created CodeBug’s unique form, squeezing a huge array of features onto its pocketable board.

Make a Web App with Java - 4pm - 6pm, with James Heggs

This workshop is aimed between beginner and intermediate level. Some experience of Java would be beneficial, but it isn’t a necessity.

This workshop will teach you Java development in the real world. Instead of the usual, “let’s print something to the screen” tutorials, we’re going to show you how it’s used in the commercial world - and introduce you to some of the frameworks you might use.

To prepare for the workshop, please attempt to follow the instructions laid out here. You will be walked through it on the day, too.

James Heggs is Head of Development at Response Tap, and organiser of DevOps Manchester - a free monthly group. He has 15 years of professional software development experience under his belt, and loves sharing his passion for coding.