• GEANT Trouble Ticketing System Support and Hosting Tender

GEANT Trouble Ticketing System Support and Hosting Tender

The objective of this ITT is to establish a contract for the hosting and support of the GEANT TTS, currently residing on an open source platform managed by OTRS. Following a competitive exercise in 2014, GEANT selected the OTRS Open Source software application as its platform for raising trouble tickets within its production network service delivery environment.

From 2014 to 2015, a significant amount of development and customisation work has been undertaken to ensure that the TTS can support the entire range of automated scripts and services created and deployed by the GEANT Network Operations Centre team.

Any departure from the extant platform will have to take account of the total cost of ownership of such a change in platform.

It is intended that any contract awarded as a result of this tender will provide GÉANT with long term contractual stability in respect of the hosting and advanced technical support in for the OTRS solution, with said contract expected to run for a term of up to 6 years. It is recognised that the wider market may wish to bid to replace the OTRS platform with an alternative product. In taking account of alternative software solutions, GEANT will look at the whole life costs of any alternate technology and must ensure that the realistic costs of change are taken account of when considering all bids. This is to ensure that the EC funded project time and effort costs incurred during 2014/15 are not wasted by a failure to look at all cost elements associated with migrating from the extant open source software solution. Further information is set out in Section 3 of Volume 2.

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Mon, 2017-05-15 (All day)
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