• ICT Case Management System for Cheshire East Council

ICT Case Management System for Cheshire East Council

The Community Safety Delivery Team incorporates both the Trading Standards Investigations Team and the Community Enforcement Team (more commonly known as ‘Wardens’). Trading Standards Investigations provide protection from unsafe, unfair and illegal practices carried out locally, regionally and nationally, in the retail environment, via electronic means and in consumer’s homes.
The Trading Standards Investigations service encourages honest enterprise and business and helps safeguard the economic, environmental, health and social well-being of consumers. The service exists for the benefit of consumers and businesses within East Cheshire.
The aim of the Service is to promote a fair trading environment that enables honest businesses to succeed and for consumers to have confidence when dealing with all matters relating to the hire or purchase of goods and services. This is achieved through a variety of activities including the detection, enforcement and investigation of civil and criminal offences, often these can be complex involving many exhibits, witnesses, offenders and large case files.
Trading Standards Investigations currently produces prosecution files from a variety of investigations which will include enforcement authorisations, evidence and public interest tests, monitoring forms, costs, schedule of offences, officers reports and comments, statements, exhibits, legal papers, case law, all unused material (everything produced through the investigation), bad character, previous convictions etc. In regards to a complex investigation this will also involve multiple offenders, victims, vehicles etc. with an extensive amount of information being produced.
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