• Management Information System for the Sheffield’s Working employment programme

Management Information System for the Sheffield’s Working employment programme

The current Sheffield’s Working programmes operates excel spreadsheets and manual paper systems to track customer referrals and progression, manage numerous contractors and provide management information.

Due to the geographical area covered by the Sheffield’s Working , increased number of customer and stakeholders and wider programme and contract management activities; an electronic management information system is necessary to support a number of business functions including:

  • referral receipt and feedback
  • create and maintain customer records
  • hold stakeholder contact details
  • communicate and track interactions via email, SMS, letter
  • record, allocate and track courses, activities and placements
  • evidence the customer’s attendance, activities and progress
  • record, authorise and report against allocation of financial resources
  • provide a task and case management system for contractors and contract managers
  • produce routine and adhoc operational, programme and statutory management information and reports

The team want the system to be implemented during spring 2017; this requirement will need to be tested against SCC procurement timescales and provider availability. The system is being procured primarily to support the Sheffield’s Working Programme; however the functionality would benefit other work programmes and initiatives undertaken by the Employment and Skills Team. Other than potential links to Outlook, it is not envisaged that this system will link with any existing SCC system.

Expression of interest end date: 3rd March 2017

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