• Portraits of Recovery (PORe) - Website Commission

Portraits of Recovery (PORe) - Website Commission

Expression of Interest


Portraits of Recovery (PORe), works with contemporary art and artists to open new ways of knowing, understanding and to reframe, addiction and recovery identities.

PORe’s 5 years of artistic, cultural production has made a pioneering and central contribution to bringing new ways of knowing and looking at addiction and recovery to the public. Unique within an international context PORe is the leading visual arts agency of its type and whose aim is to contribute to an emergent cultural identity by reframing addiction identities via emancipation.

As part of the organisation’s current project UNSEEN: simultaneous realities, PORe is seeking to commission a new website and we invite interested parties to provide an expression of interest based on the following factors.

Site objectives

  • Raise PORe’s profile nationally and internationally
  • Engage a range of audiences including those not usually engaged with the arts (recovering people/communities)
  • To demonstrate the role of the arts and culture within the addiction and recovery agenda
  • To aesthetically reflect PORe’s activist stance around needs for “culture change”
  • Share news, promote current exhibitions, events, opportunities etc


  • Must embrace be a contemporary, clean and minimal design that lets the art have priority.

Technical considerations

  • Always to offer a fresh experience (dynamic vs. static index page) and how this might apply to sub-pages
  • Static navigation bar
  • MailChimp for newsletters - currently developing database
  • Hosting able to support high-quality video (through Vimeo or YouTube)
  • Online subscriptions captured for newsletter for MailChimp  mail-out
  • Retain URL from legacy site for PORe - where will it be hosted. Current website is hosted by tsohost
  • Be accessible e.g. compatibility with assistive technologies, design suitable visually impaired and for colour blind people…
  • Accept/process charitable donations. To serve as an archive for past work and as a resource pioneering practice within the field
  • Content management system - simple content management system is required to support easy and regular updates


The Future

A key aim of this project is to develop the organisation and its systems in readiness for attracting/securing longer-term funding. With this in mind It’s requested that consideration to the following be given.

  • Live-streaming
  • Distance learning
  • Collaborative online arts projects
  • Hosting/selling publications
  • Receiving charitable donations
  • Bolt on Secondary sites

Contacts, Deadlines, Timings and Budget

  • Maximum budget: £5k Inc VAT is available.
  • Expression of interest  submission by Friday 23rd June 2017 – inclusion of visuals is desire
  • Website live date: 1st September 2017 – Unseen project launch date                     

We recognise the budget is limited, so we anticipate developers prioritising the work as they think can be best delivered to meet as many of our ambitions as possible.

Key Contact: Mark Prest, founding director for designer selection, design development and sign-off process Mobile: 07527 044159

Full brief can be found here 









Expiry Date: 
Fri, 2017-06-23 (All day)