• Pre-market Engagement - e-Recruitment Software Solution - Market Testing Exercise

Pre-market Engagement - e-Recruitment Software Solution - Market Testing Exercise

Pre-market Engagement


The Business Support Centre (BSC) is a provider of shared services, providing support services to Leeds City Council, its immediate partners and beyond. BSC customers include employees within all directorates, schools, a number of colleges and other external organisations. The service ensures the Council meets its statutory requirements with regard to recruitment, PAYE, pensions, employment checks and payment of bills. The recruitment process is also supported by the HR Resources Team who manage the internal redeployment pool. The BSC service currently utilises an e-Recruitment solution (provided by Abacus Ltd) to facilitate the electronic capture of application forms and to offer a web based service for vacancies. They also advertise job vacancies for external partners including schools and charities. The Contract for the current solution is due to expire in 2018. Prior to commencing a formal tender process for a replacement e-Recruitment solution, BSC are keen to seek information from organisations that may have an interest or expertise in this field - the information will be used to help inform and shape our requirements specification.

The responses received will only be used for the purposes of background information which informs BSC requirements specification and will not be used for selection or award purposes in any tender process.

BSC have a number of specific questions and are seeking views on how they can achieve best value in respect of these. BCS would also welcome any other good practice points that the applicant would recommend

For further information and to take part in this premarket engagement please register for this opportunity and, once the registration is confirmed, download the request for information document.  All responses should be uploaded to the Yortender portal.

  • The benefits to an organisation participating in this process include  the chance to assess whether the opportunity will be suitable and of interest to you; and
  • The chance to raise any suggestions or concerns regarding the potential opportunity.


Next Steps

The deadline for responses to this pre-market engagement is Friday 9th June  at 12:00 noon.  Responses must be submitted via the Yortender portal against reference DN265035

The responses will be considered by representatives of the Council and will be used to inform our specification and options appraisal.


Expiry Date: 
Fri, 2017-06-09 (All day)
Expression of Interest: