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Robert Walters

Samantha Vickerman

Robert Walters Outsourcing is a leading provider of outsourced recruitment and consultancy solutions, managing a recruitment budget of over £2 billion on behalf of our clients since 1997, as part of the Robert Walters Group.

Workforce Consultancy helps organisations bridge the talent gap between their permanent and contingent workforces by providing flexible access to the in-demand skills they need, offering significant cost savings, and allowing them to deliver projects and programmes in the most compliant and effective way.

We’re passionate about empowering people to fulfil their unique potential. Not only will it help our clients find the best talent for their needs, it will help drive diversity and social mobility. 

Our clients have ongoing access to a pool of on-demand, highly skilled talent, from entry-level through to experienced accredited professionals – from specific individuals to whole teams or entire functions.

We employ, train, mentor, support, and deploy a range of talent into your operations, from Project & Programme Delivery, Change & Transformation, or In-demand Skills (Software Developers, DevOps, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, Full-Stack Developers).

We deliver the high-value, engaged people resources that will save money and power business growth. Plug your talent gaps and future-proof your workforce with an innovative new approach to recruitment using resources that have been expertly trained to deliver the skills your business needs. 

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