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About Us


Our vision is simple, that by working together we can make Manchester and the North West an even better place for digital business.


Manchester is home to one of the most vibrant digital and technology communities in Europe and Manchester Digital is the independent body, created by the industry that represents and champions it.

Joining Manchester Digital means you are directly supporting the growth and development of the industry and you will be part of a community that gives you and your team access to knowledge, experience and connections.

We represent over 500 businesses and our products and services benefit small and large businesses who have digital at their core. We work with CEOs and CIOs to address the strategic industry issues our industry is facing and we work with employees to keep their skills up to date and ensure they are well networked across the community.

We are unrivalled in the North in terms of our influence and we are proud to be the independent voice of our industry.

Join Manchester Digital and gain the benefits of working together for Manchester and the region? Membership starts from just £40 per year for individuals and start-ups <12 months old and £90 for small businesses.

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Manchester Digital is here to help, if you want advice, support or to share ideas please get in touch:

By Phone: 0161 238 8642

3.08, Neo, Charlotte Street, Manchester M1 4ET

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Managing Director

Katie Gallagher [email protected]