About Us

Manchester Digital is the voice of Greater Manchester’s tech and digital sector. 

Our community is made up of a wide range of businesses and we work closely with them to create the optimum environment for sector-wide success. 

We are independently funded through membership and we represent the entire ecosystem with a wide range of business types, models, sizes and capabilities making up our community.

We use the power of our membership to take direct action to solve specific issues and barriers that impact the sector’s growth and we provide a cohesive voice for the sector, ensuring that its views are represented at a local and national government level.

Through our extensive range of products and services, we develop talent, drive innovation, share knowledge and help your business to thrive.

As your trade body, we have five key areas of focus that are aligned to the needs of the sector. You can read more about them here. 

Make a difference

By joining, as well as benefiting from the products and services we offer, you are helping us to make the industry better for everyone, whether that’s helping to develop the talent pipeline, create a more diverse workforce or simply creating better access to markets. Our work makes a difference to your business.

All members agree to a code of practice. Members govern the association, which is chaired by Alison Ross of Auto Trader, with support from seven directors appointed by the membership. Katie Gallagher is the managing director who runs the Manchester Digital team. 

Want to join our community?


Over 250 staff
£1,800 annually


51-250 staff
£1,020 annually


26-50 staff
£540 annually


11-25 staff
£300 annually


2-10 staff
£120 annually


Trading for less than 12 months
£60 annually


Sole trader
£60 annually


College or University
£540 annually


Digital Recruitment
£1,800 annually



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