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Manchester Digital is the independent trade association for the thriving digital sector in the North West of England.
  • Emotion in UX Design

    RealUX birthday meetup

  • DeliverConf

    If you want to work with others to create products that deliver real value to your clients and customers this conference is for you.

  • Digital Marketing Planning Fast Track 1-day Training

    This training best for many busy marketing professionals and company directors. This Digital Marketing workshop gives you the roadmap for your business digital strategies prioritising your digital activities for immediate and long term gain.  

  • Google Analytics Training

    Google Analytics helps you analyse visitor traffic and help you understand your customers. Most importantly it will help you to track your customers journey throughout the purchase cycle. That makes it easier to for you to help your current customers and win new ones.

  • Google PPC for eCommerce Workshop / Google Shopping

    Even if you’ve never heard of Google Shopping before – you’ve almost certainly seen it in action! Just try searching Google for specific product or brand names and an array of pictures, prices and merchants will appear – right at the top of the search results  

  • Amazon FBA Training

    Amazon FBA is an innovative retail program that has revolutionised online shopping experience. This course aims to help understand best practices and leverage all available marketing tools with Amazon.  

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