Google Analytics Training Course - Online

This event has now ended.
23 March 2021 13:00 - 17:00

You will be able to define goals, match customer journeys to site usage and extract actionable insights from the data produced by your website. You will learn when Google Analytics has been installed correctly, what the measurement and metrics mean, and possible actions to take to enhance your marketing objectives.

With our Google Analytics training, expect to reduce your customer acquisition costs and spend wisely on your best-performing channels.


We have been delivering training courses throughout the UK for the past 5 years and the same courses are now available online. You can choose between a scheduled course or book a bespoke session for you or your team.

Each session is customised and well suited for individual or small groups. All sessions are practical and save you the cost and time of travelling.

  • 4-hours live online workshop
  • Delivered in a small group of 4
  • Interactive sessions and you can ask questions
  • Training content will be shared with you after your session
  • 1-to-1 optional consultation after the course to answer any specific questions


  • Online conferencing set-up. We will send you the link to join the course.
  • Speakers and a microphone
  • OPTIONAL – A webcam

If you prefer to book online training other than the date scheduled, we can help with that too. Get in touch to discuss. 


Who is this workshop suited to?

Digital Marketers, Directors, Managers

What will you learn?

Quick Introduction

Which metrics are significant to measure for your website?

Google Ads integration with Google Analytics

Using filters to include and exclude traffic

Customers Acquisition

Analysing traffic sources: Direct, referring sites, and search engines

Channel Grouping and how to set them up

Custom URL tagging for email, social media

E-commerce tracking and conversion reports

Funnel Visitations to improve conversion

Customer Behaviour

Search console report – getting insight on search queries

High traffic pages and how to monetise them

Find out what keeps users engaged with behaviour flow on site

Customer search phrases onsite

Mobile visits vs desktop visits

Segment your data, understand the business trend and respond

Using the secondary dimension and pivot view in reports

Creating a remarketing list

In-depth Audience analysis

Geography / Language – your most valuable region

Demographics – you most valuable customer age/gender

Frequency & recency of users – how many visits are needed to convert?

Conversions Analysis

Different types of goals for different types of businesses

E-commerce goals

Custom Alerts & Real-Time Reports

Real-Time reports

Custom alerts to stay on top of trends

Create annotations to keep track of your discoveries

Reports / Dashboards

The key reports to use

Social traffic in reporting

Event reporting

Data exporting to your stakeholders

Creating custom reports and dashboards suitable for you

Conversion Attribution

Multiple sources in a conversion path

Different options for attribution models

Connecting Google Analytics with your Digital Marketing Plan

Using Google analytics support your marketing objectives

KPIs to track with Google Analytics

Creating a measurement plan

Introduction to Google Tag Manager

For more details please contact Prabhat Shah on twitter @OnlineSellerUK, via email to or you can call +44 (0) 161 3272 923


Are you looking for onsite training for yourself or your team? Check out our Full Digital Marketing & eCommerce Training Guide and simply get in touch and we will schedule a date for you. 

23 March 2021 13:00 - 17:00

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