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Join the #MDTechCommunity Slack Channel

Join our Slack Channel

*** URGENT At Manchester Digital, we are looking for ways to support our members in these uncertain times. As such we have launched a new #coronavirus Slack channel within the hashtag#MDTechCommunity Slack Workspace.

The purpose of this channel is for those in the digital, media and tech sector across Greater Manchester to share advice and expertise and ways for the community to help one another


The #MDTechCommunity was born out of a desire to facilitate collaboration and communication amongst Greater Manchester’s tech community

Joining the #MDTechCommunity will connect you, immediately, with the brands, agencies, entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, developers, marketers, investors, innovators anyone else that make up the tech and digital sector.

Whether you want to make useful connections, meet members of your tribe, discuss specific tech topics or just share information, the #MDTechCommunity is the place for you.

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