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Code of Conduct

We wish for this community to be a positive and fun environment in which ideas flourish, connections are made and collaboration occurs.

Which we believe will happen if people read and follow the guidelines laid out in this Code of Conduct.

Our Expectations

We want you to be:

  • Kind and considerate human beings that avoid unpleasant behaviour, actions or speech.

  • Inclusive: unwelcome comments, harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated.

  • Mindful of what you discuss or post in relation to any of or events or programmes.

  • Involved – make sure that you get involved by not only talking, but listening to others, too.

  • Safe – know that our members of staff are contactable should you wish to report any poor behaviour.

  • We don’t wish to ask anyone to leave the community, nor make any complaints public, but we will if it means safeguarding the experience of our community members.

By signing up to become a part of Manchester Digital events or programmes, you are pledging to agree to our code of conduct. Should you not agree with any of the above, please refrain from joining.

If you have any queries regarding our code of conduct please contact us.