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Digital Futures

To become a leading digital city, Greater Manchester needs a talent pipeline full of skilled people ready to enter the industry.
Seventy-five percent of our members feel the industry is not involved enough in education in order to ensure young people are equipped for a tech career. And four in ten teachers said they are not confident delivering the computer science curriculum. Add to that the generalist approach to careers advice and guidance sometimes seen in schools and colleges, along with the rapid pace of change in the tech and digital sectors, and it's clear our talent pipeline will suffer. 
Enter Digital Futures.
Digital Futures is our provision through which we deliver our talent and skills programmes. It involves a range of innovative, industry-led initiatives and support for schools and colleges in Greater Manchester. It aims to help educators deliver a curriculum that is effective and relevant, and to be able to give specialist career insights in a sustainable way, harnessing the power of the industry through our membership.
Digital Futures provides a specific strand of targeted support for inspiring and encouraging girls in digital and tech - 'Digital Her', as well as other underrepresented groups. 
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