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Digital Her

It’s simple. We need more women in digital and tech.

Digital Her exists to address this issue.

By harnessing the power of our membership, Digital Her will provide the support, the opportunities and the guidance needed to encourage a new generation of women into our industry.

Digital Her's mission is also simple – to inspire and empower girls to...

  • Engage with STEM-related subjects at GCSE and A-Level
  • Have the confidence and desire to explore the incredible careers available in digital and tech

Digital Her will achieve these goals by...

  • Introducing girls to real role models and visible mentors from within our membership
  • Ensuring key influencers such as teachers, careers advisors and parents are informed and able to support and advise girls interested in digital and tech
  • Taking Digital Her across all of Greater Manchester in the Digital Her: Inspire and Empower Roadshow
  • Lobbying policymakers to make changes that will end any bias inherent within the education and careers service
  • Creating exciting opportunities that will upskill the next generation and bring them closer to the industry


What does Digital Her provide?

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Why #DigitalHer needs to happen, now!

Women are massively under-represented in industry.

Skills Audit 2018

  • Only 36% of people working in the sector are female.
  • Only 19% of these women are in technical roles.

Women in Tech

If we continue to see data like this, we can expect to see

  • A lack of opportunities for women, gender bias and discrimination
  • An understaffed and un-diverse workforce
  • A lack of innovation
  • A lack of focus on issues concerning women
  • Tech designed inherently for men

A large part of the problem stems from girls not choosing STEM subjects, as shown by research by Wise Campaign.

STEM Girls Computing A-Level

Physics Girls STEM A- Level

A-Level Maths STEM Girls 2018

It’s not through lack of ability – girls outperform boys in STEM!

When girls choose STEM subjects, they outperform boys. 2018’s results saw 66% of girls achieving A*-C/9-4 grades compared to 62% of boys.

  • In male-dominated Construction, 100% of girls achieved A*-C grades (vs. 76% of boys).
  • In Additional Maths 96% of girls achieved 9-4 grades (vs. 94% of boys).
  • In Physics, 91% of girls achieved A*-C grades (vs. 90.5% of boys).
  • In Statistics, 73% of girls achieved A*-C grades (vs. 69% of boys).
  • In Biology and Chemistry, 91% of girls achieved A*-C grades (vs. 89% and 88% of boys respectively).
  • In Computing, 66% of girls achieved A*-C grades (vs. 60% of boys).
  • In Design & Tech, 73% of girls achieved A*-C (vs. 54% of boys).
  • In Additional Science, 62% of girls achieved A*-C grades (vs. 55% of boys).
  • In Engineering, 66% of girls achieved A*-C grades (vs. 42% of boys).
  • In ICT, 72% of girls achieved A*-C grades (vs. 64% of boys).
  • In Science, 51% of girls achieved A*-C (vs. 45% of boys).
  • In Other Technologies, 55.6% of girls achieved A*-C (vs. 52.7%).

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