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Covea Talk Digital Extra

This event has now ended.
Covea Insurance
29 October 2020 9:30 - 12:30
Join us to find out what the opportunities are in digital to disrupt a traditional and risk averse industry

Interested in finding out what digital means in the insurance sector?

Want to know how tech can disrupt a traditional and risk averse industry? Join us on 29 Oct for a morning of talks and interactive sessions looking at the digital side of insurance. Our CTIO Graeme Howard will set the scene for Covea Digital; what’s different about digital in the insurance market and how are we changing our approach?

David Prien, CEO and founder of FirstVet, Europe's largest veterinary telemedicine provider, will be talking with Tracey Smith about digital disruptors in the insurance space and how FirstVet and Covea worked in partnership during lockdown to help keep the nation's pets in rude health!

Hear from Caroline Parnell, former head of new product innovation at O2 on disruptive practices in the mobile sector and how lean start up and design techniques were used in telecoms and could be applied in insurance.

We’ll also have breakout sessions on disruptive engineering, an introduction to insurtech, data science in insurance, and User Experience for the insurtech sector:

Breakout session 1: Disruptive Engineering

Mic Holden, our Head of Engineering talks about delivering disruption in a traditional and risk averse industry: how Covéa planned, deployed and delivered a disruptive engineering function that has succeeded where most innovation functions fail.

Breakout session 1A: Data science and the F word (Fraud)

Tom Clay our Head of Data Science covers what insurance fraud looks like and how it's in a Covid19 world, as well as how we think about tackling fraud, identifying difference and how we deliver usefulness currently.

Breakout session 2: UX in Insurance

Matt Hodgkinson, Head of UX explores understanding customer needs, being responsive and delivering at pace and scale, then takes a look at design systems and thinking.

Breakout session 2A - Introduction to Digital Opportunities in Insurance

Sam Watson (Tech Principal) and Mike Moran (Lead Product Owner) dispel myths about digital in insurance and cover the opportunities for digital in the sector and what Covéa are doing differently and the tech underpinning it.

29 October 2020 9:30 - 12:30
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