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Resilience against cybercrime

Cyber crime is at an all-time high, with the UK ranking as one of the most frequently attacked countries in the world. With SMEs making up a large percentage of the national business population and cyber-attacks happening on a daily basis, cyber prevention is an ever-present concern for IT professionals and business leaders alike. Despite this fact, only 23% of UK businesses have a formal cyber security strategy in place.*

During this event, co-hosted by the North West Cyber Resilience Centre and Air IT, you’ll learn about the latest threats and attacks, and most importantly, what action you can take to prevent your business from becoming the next statistic.

Attendees will hear from Detective Inspector Dan Giannasi at the North West Cyber Resilience Centre who will explain the current threat landscape, and how businesses can protect themselves regardless of size or budget.

As specialists in managed cyber security for SMEs, Air IT’s Lee Johnson will simulate a live cyber-attack using the same tactics, techniques and procedures as real-world cybercriminals - helping you to identify and understand the different ways your business and users can protect themselves from such threats.

1 March 2023 8:00 - 9:30
3 Hardman Square
M3 3EB
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