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AI Empowerment Training: Unlocking Business Growth with AI Leadership Lab

29 June 2023 18:30 - 20:00

The AI Revolution is not creeping up slowly, it's happening right now. Is your organisation prepared? 

Don't let your business fall behind in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. Join us at our AI Empowerment Training, hosted by the AI Leadership Lab, and stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the power of emerging AI tools. This exclusive event, tailored for business leaders looking to adapt and build their knowledge of AI technology, will provide you with actionable insights, strategies, and practical applications of AI technologies.

Discover how to maximise your resources and unlock your business's true potential by harnessing the transformative power of artificial intelligence. Our expert speakers will guide you through the latest AI trends, showcasing real-world case studies and offering hands-on demonstrations to ensure you leave with a clear understanding of the benefits AI can bring to your organisation.

By attending this training, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify the most relevant AI tools for your business needs
  • Integrate AI technologies seamlessly into your existing operations
  • Develop an effective AI strategy to drive growth and innovation
  • Stay ahead of industry trends and maintain a competitive edge

Don't miss this opportunity to future-proof your business and capitalise on the immense potential of AI. Register now for the AI Empowerment Training event and lead your company towards an exciting future with the power of artificial intelligence.

Meet your presenters:

Tom Heubner (LinkedIn)

Introducing Tom Heubner, a highly experienced and dynamic technology leader with an exceptional track record in driving business growth and innovation. Tom's diverse background spans over three decades, working with industry giants like IBM and Microsoft, as well as founding and leading smaller enterprises in the tech space. Tom's passion lies in embracing change, finding novel solutions to complex problems, and anticipating potential challenges before they arise.

Throughout his career, Tom has excelled at identifying and developing new business opportunities, partnering with major resellers, and implementing innovative communication systems for government agencies. He has played an instrumental role in promoting and implementing open-source technologies and solutions, including the successful rollout of Linux-based systems to schools and rural internet cafes across Southern Africa.

As the Head of Sales for EMEA at Zerowait Corporation, Tom has been leveraging AI tools and his extensive expertise to help businesses of all sizes overcome their IT challenges. He is eager to share his vast knowledge and experience at the AI Empowerment Training.

Gary Lewis Cheetham (LinkedIn)

Introducing Gary Lewis Cheetham, a visionary digital marketing expert specialising in automotive and power sports dealerships. With over a decade of experience, Gary uniquely understands the challenges and opportunities faced by companies in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

As the founder of GL Digital Automotive Marketing and BikerFriendlyFinance, Gary has harnessed the power of emerging AI tools to revolutionise his clients' marketing performance in the UK and the US. His innovative strategies have significantly increased sales by effectively connecting businesses with local customers.

At the AI Empowerment Training, Gary will share his insights on leveraging AI technologies to elevate digital marketing efforts, fostering growth and innovation for your company. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a true industry expert and unlock the potential of AI in your marketing strategies.

Ross Heubner (LinkedIn)

Introducing Ross Heubner, a dynamic and innovative senior consultant with extensive experience in the multinational chemical manufacturing industry. Since 2018, Ross has been leading specialised teams of scientists as a project manager in the regulatory sector, consistently delivering exceptional results.

In his current role as an agile project manager and product owner, Ross oversees multiple SaaS product teams, skillfully integrating generative AI tools into the software development life cycle. By combining Scrum methodologies and AI technology, he has fostered a collaborative and high-performing team culture.

At the AI Empowerment Training, Ross will share his invaluable insights on leveraging AI technologies to optimise software development processes and build strong team dynamics. Join us to learn from Ross's expertise and discover how AI can revolutionise your approach to project management and team collaboration.

Join us at the event and benefit from the three presenters' unique insights and proven strategies for integrating AI technologies and maximising their potential in your organisation!

29 June 2023 18:30 - 20:00
Cotton Court Business Center
Cotton Court
Church St

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