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Route To Tech Podcast

This event has now ended.
Silverchip Ltd
1 July - 31 August 2021

Liam Bateman, Co-Founder and CTO, at the award-winning digital agency Silverchip, has launched a new podcast series “Route To Tech”.

This intriguing limited series will feature senior leaders from the technology sector who will share their insights into how to navigate in the ever-evolving industry and will feature candid conversations between the industry leaders’ movers and shakers.

Liam Bateman, Co-Founder and CTO at Silverchip, said: 

“At Silverchip, we are advocates for digital and technology and how they can tackle complex real-world business challenges, and given the constant transitions our industry faces, it’s an ideal time to launch this podcast series."

"The Route To Tech Podcast has been created to help those who are new to tech and those who are considering switching careers into this fantastic sector whilst asking the probing questions about what drives and motivates these successful senior leaders."

“This is a great way our audience can feel a connection with the industry leaders they have read about online and on social media. This is a podcast not to be missed!"

The podcast will be available every two weeks with the first episode now available on all podcast services.

Spotify | Route To Tech

Apple Podcasts | Route To Tech 

Amazon Podcasts | Route To Tech Podcasts | Route To Tech

Liam is actively looking for guest speakers, if you would like to take part please contact

The Route To Tech Podcast is proudly supported by Northcoders, an industry-leading software development training and solutions partner of choice for businesses and individuals in the UK.

1 July - 31 August 2021

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