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Software Architecture: The Hard Parts

This event has now ended.
9 February 2022

Neal Ford, Mark Richards, Pramod Sadalage and Zhamak Dehghani

All software architecture involves trade offs. But traditional analysis tools don’t work well for today’s distributed systems.

This book provides techniques to help you discover and weigh the trade-offs as you confront the issues you face as an architect. It investigates why architecture is so difficult and provides proven mechanisms to address these complex problems and make them understandable. Co-authors Neal Ford, Mark Richards, Pramod Sadalage, and Zhamak Dehghani examine everything from how to determine service granularity, manage workflows and orchestration, manage and decouple contracts, and manage distributed transactions to how to optimize operational characteristics, such as scalability, elasticity, and performance.

This book is not just for software architects — data architects, DBAs, product managers and others will glean valuable insights into some of the complex issues architects face every day.

Architecture is full of hard parts; by tracing the common reasons and applying lessons more universally, we can make it softer.

Webinar | Wednesday, February 9, 2022

We’re delighted that the books authors —  Neal Ford, Mark Richards, Pramod Sadalage, and Zhamak Dehghani — will be hosting webinars to take you on a deep dive through some of the thorniest dilemmas in software architecture. 

The webinars  — with ones scheduled for eastern and western time zones — cover different aspects of the book. You can register for the one that's most convenient for you. If you don’t want to miss out, we’ll also be sending webinar replays to anyone that’s registered.

Eastern webinar topic: Granularity and coupling in microservices

Time: 4:30am London | 10.00am Bangalore | 11:30am Bangkok | 12:30pm Singapore | 12:30pm Beijing | 3:30pm Sydney

Speakers: Neal Ford and Mark Richards 

Western webinar topic: The impact of data on architecture

Time: 8.30am San Francisco | 11.30am Quito | 11.30am New York | 1.30pm Santiago | 4.30pm London | 5.30pm Frankfurt | 10.00pm Bangalore

Speakers: Pramod Sadalage and Zhamak Dehghani

9 February 2022

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